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There are options which let you exclude the inner hyperlinks coming from same domain name or subdomain. You could even use advanced search operators like website:/-site: command to check/exclude links coming from a particular site or all sites with specific TLDs (.coms,.edus, etc.)

The grand father of all backlink checkers and possibly the single most widely used SEO tool on Earth. Yahoo! Site Explorer is very good for running quick checks on websites' profiles. It's very simple and absolutely free to use: you input the url of the site Site Explorer creates a list of pages linking to it and that you would like to test.

Backlinks would be the most valuable resource. That website promoters spend the majority of their time hunting for hyperlinks. Searching by hand for link resources is no more an alternative. Whether you would like to research your link profile or scan the hyperlinks of your competition you want to use backlink checkers. That backlink checking programs are among the SEO tools.

2. Backlink Watch

Much like Backlink Watch, Webconfs tools are also powered by Yahoo!, hence the results are the same and also limited to 1k links per domain.

Both approaches have their strong points. Using Take The Next Step With Sociable Media Marketing With one of these Great Ideas enables gathering number of traffic but additionally makes the service more costly both for your end user and for your company. Plus huge data sets are more difficult to analyze and make use of. The search engine gets you only the links that search engines show leading to connection profile that is a bit smaller however, you can conduct infinite backlink tests at no cost and is actionable.

Webconfs offers an assortment of free online SEO tools. Two of them are designed for backlink research. The first tool is named Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer. It shows you what pages are linking to a certain domain name and also what anchor texts. Take those Next Step With Sociable Media Marketing With These Perfect Ideas 'll see all of the anchor texts Whether there are links on a webpage. It does exactly what its title suggests - gives a summary of the domains to you and shows you how many links are on each.

3. Take Next Step With Friendly Media Marketing With These Good Ideas

Note: Yahoo! Website Explorer lets you check only 1,000 links per domain irrespective of the number of backlinks the website actually has.

4. SEO SpyGlass - Majestic SEO - Linkscape

Backlink Watch is an internet backlink checker which will help you see what websites link to a webpage, but also provides you some information for SEO analysis, such as the name of the linking page, the anchor text of the link, whether the connection is dofollow or nofollow, etc.. The tool brings the listing of hyperlinks from Yahoo! Make Next Step With Community Media Marketing With one of these Fine Ideas , so don't expect outcomes that are different or wider.

To help you in your quest for links here is a list of most popular backlink checking tools and applications (both paid and free ).

1. Yahoo! Site Explorer

If you are actually serious about SEO you need to have some stronger backlink checkers in your disposal which will let you dive deeper in the link indicator, assess more links and gather more information for evaluation. That is where tools such as SEO SpyGlass, Majestic SEO and Linkscape come in handy. These three tools may dig backlinks to a site than any backlink checkers on the market. The distinction between them is that Linkscape and Majestic rely on their crawlers and link bases while SEO SpyGlass inquiries a huge number of search engines and uses advanced search operators to find additional links. Take Next Step With Sociable Media Marketing With These Good Ideas /div>