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The greatest distinction between the north ad south is that the temperature varies extra in the north and truly gets cool in Dec/Jan/Feb down into the 60’s F. If you permit within the morning or early afternoon of the seventh day, it’s best to take a day trip to Halong Bay on day six. If you leave late at evening you’ll be able to make it back from an overnight journey in time.
People are telling me I’m crazy for biking India within the monsoon season, but having been to India earlier than in the dry season and loving it, I’m curious. I’m hoping for a great journey and no less than some dry spells all through each day with luck. Rainy season in Vietnam is excessive time with heavy showers and thunder storms. You would cry if if water blocks all the roads and you can only stay in your room to look out. I had the luck to experience the Vietnam Monsoons first had as an Marine grunt in Vietnam in 1970.
Pham Ngu Lao is the town’s main backpacker hotspot, with a choice of low cost guesthouses and hotels aimed at finances travellers. Still known to many locals as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s busy economic hub and the nation’s quickest rising city. Beautiful grand old motels, excellent meals and quite a lot of interesting museums make Ho Chi Minh City a fun vacation spot.

Is Vietnam better than Cambodia?

When it comes to exciting travel experiences, Cambodia wins. Though Vietnam has lots of incredible places to see and things to do, Vietnam is more touristy and therefore, the travel experiences just aren't quite as adventurous or remote as we'd like.

The first is on a day journey, which depart from Hanoi in the early morning and usually get again late at evening. The second choice is to spend a night aboard a junk in Halong Bay before returning to Hanoi in the early night. The Cu Chi Tunnels are an unbelievable community of tunnels built by the Viet Cong in the course of the Vietnam War. Today, some tunnels are open to the public, with guided excursions of the area available from journey agents in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is divided into districts, with a lot of the metropolis’s lodging found in District 1.
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    What To Pack For Vietnam: Gear, Toiletries, And Medical Supplies

    After observing Vietnamese folks and tradition I’ve come to the conclusion that the folks there are resilient past belief. However, many of us have little information of the Vietnam War past films like Forest Gump. Therefore truly being here observing the Vietnamese and how they carry on their daily lives is absolutely fascinating. Read Alot more Quite actually they make each other tradition I’ve been in seem like complete wimps. From November to April, the north is cool and dry, while May to October is scorching and rainy.

    In October of that year we obtained sicked in up on Charlie Ridge and couldn't get extracted or resupplied for several days. On prime of the traditional Monsoon rains Vietnam was hit by 4 Typhoons in the course of the month of October. I reside in south korea right now so im trying to see as much of asia as i can.