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I lay in bed half exhausted after another sweaty, athletic workout with her. A Teen Tube Porn is always like that, incredible, hot and nasty, the best I’ve ever had. After her third orgasm she had gotten up and gone into the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then the water running in the sink. Then the bathroom door reopened and my sister sauntered over and got back into bed beside me.

She rested her head on my shoulder and caressed my chest with her nimble fingers. I kissed her on her forehead and cupped her breast in my hand. She raised her head and kissed my lips and gave my tongue another taste of hers.

“You’re incredible, Karen,” I said. “Another masterpiece.”

“It takes two, little brother.”

“I still can’t believe we’re doing this. And how fucking good it is.” It wasn’t the first time I’d said it.

“You’re not regretting it, or feeling guilty again, are you Josh?”

“No. Just hard to believe is all.”

“Good. Because I didn’t feel guilty when I came on your face,” she said as she pinched my nipple.

We’d started having sex unexpectedly several weeks before. She had come over to my apartment one night and we had a few drinks, and were talking and listening to some music. My girlfriend Kelly wasn’t there. We’d had a spat as we were prone to do and I hadn’t seen her for a few days.

I guess I should give a little background. My sister is eight years older so I didn’t really know her very well growing up. She was always a wild and free spirit and consistently clashed with my parents on just about everything, so she didn’t get along with them very well. On the day she graduated from high school she moved out of the house. She was still just seventeen but she’d saved some money and had already arranged to rent a room somewhere.

I only saw her once after that. It was about six months later when she came to say goodbye. She told us she was moving to Europe and would ride the trains. She never forgot to send me a card on my birthdays and would write about all of the European cities she’d visited, and I’d find them in my atlas. She spent a few years working with a traveling ice skating show as a costume manager and seamstress. She said that the garments were always tearing, ripping, splitting, so seamstress was an important part of the job, she was always mending something. She then had come back to the States and was married for a while, but that hadn’t worked out. That’s when she popped back into my life.

I was only nine or ten when she split so I didn’t remember much about her. I remembered she was attractive, thin with long, dark brown hair. Being that young, I don’t recall much of a sexual nature of course, but I do recall her being popular with the boys. As for now, her hair is shorter, but she is one sexy woman, with a slim, shapely body, pointy tits, a cute ass and an edgy wit. She’s thirty-three years old but she looks closer to my age.

Karen’s relationship with my parents is still icy and it probably always will be. We had some family meals together after she returned but things were always awkward. I invited Kelly to one dinner just to help crack the ice but it didn’t help much and she asked me not to invite her again, and I couldn’t blame her. She likes Karen, and she likes my parents, but the oil and water don’t mix and it doesn’t help the food taste too good.

Karen and I started spending more time together. We were getting to know each other better. And then on one particular night she came over to my place. We mixed up a big pitcher of mai tais and sat on the sofa with the stereo playing softly, and soon the conversation was flowing and getting a little looser with each sip.

She was very easy to talk to; it felt natural to both of us. She told me about her days with the ice show, her job, and all the strange characters she’d met overseas. It sounded so exotic. After a while she got around to some of the sexual relationships she’d had.

“Josh, let me tell you,” she said. “When a large group of people like that are traveling together, day in and day out, week after week after week, everybody gets pretty close and things are bound to happen!”
I asked her if she’d fucked any of the skaters.

“Hell, yeah!” she said. “Most of them. I ended up marrying one: the biggest asshole of them all!”

We laughed and refilled our glasses.

“There were these twins from Sweden, brother and sister, they were ice dancing partners. They were nineteen and blonds and the whitest people you ever saw. I fucked both of them. Neither one knew what they were doing.”

“How old were you then?” I asked.

“Oh, twenty-six or seven, something like that.”

“I didn’t know you did girls,” I said softly.

She looked me dead in the eye. “Sometimes things just happen because it feels right.”

There was a silence while we sipped our drinks. Then she chuckled.

“What?” I asked.

“There was this midget in the show, one of the clowns,” she said, laughing again. “An older guy, in his forties, I guess. Most of the performers were younger but this guy was older and he would skate around doing belly-flops and pratfalls, comic relief between events. And there was this rumor always going around that he had a ten inch dick!”


“The rumors were true!” she laughed.

“You fucked a midget?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep. A lot of the girls did,” she replied. “The curiosity was too much.”

Karen also told me about her failed marriage.

“Then Erik came along. Or as he became known to me later, The Norwegian Nightmare. And despite what he thought about himself, his shit did stink!”

“What happened?”

“He swept me off my feet and right into bed. He was tall, dark and handsome and had the charm to go with it. It was fine at first, but then he pressured me to get married and come to the United States. I fell for it. Basically, he used me to get to America. But once we got here and had been married for a while he lost interest. We were together not quite two years.”

We sipped in silence.

“It’s an uncontested divorce, and now it’s ‘Hurry up and wait’,” she said. Then she shifted in her seat, turned a little more toward me and said, “So, little brother, it’s your turn. I’ve enthralled you with all of my sexcapades, now let’s hear about yours. A tale that takes place many years ago. First there's me, kind of average looking not skinny nor fat, neither

ugly nor hot. People could say that I'm tall and that I'm smart, but as far as I knew people didn't notice me

enough to say such things.

I have two older brothers that are 4 and 5 years older than me. They always hung out together, and I ended up

either being the third wheel or being left out. I've learn to be okay with this as I don't have much in common

with them anyway. Both brothers are the “Coors!” and “Motorcycles!” types, while I played D&D and read

books. And let's face it, I really did look down on their inferior minds. There is something I was always jealous

of them for though. I'm sure you can tell between my attitude and interests that I was never popular with the

ladies. The two of them seemed to have new bitches every night. I say bitches because this is how I convinced

myself I didn't want what they had, I told myself I wanted a woman of quality and substance—though reality

was I was mauling myself near raw constantly and I would have done the chubby retarded girl down the street

if she'd let me.

I was fourteen and it was the summer after I had finished the eighth grade. My dad informed me that we were

to have one last major camping trip before I started high school. We were going to spend a week up at the

lake. My father loved camping. We must have went to the lake every weekend during the summer from my

ages seven to sixteen. I wouldn't call myself an expert survivalist or such, but I did know the drill and even now

I can hold my own the wild. This was to be nine nights on the lake though. Eight days without power or running

water. Wind, dirt, sun, sand and rain. My dad then added that Mark, a longtime family friend, and his wife and

daughter would be joining us at the lake too.

My dad had been friends with Mark for as long as I can remember. He was pretty nice guy, a shirt off his back

kind of fellow. He was the guy who gave me my first beer and helped me through my first hangover. His wife

Julie was the epitome of a MILF—a tall leggy blonde with big tits that always seem to be screaming “Hi there!

Touch me!” in a seductive voice. To this day I am convinced my oldest brother lost his virginity to her. Alas I

have no proof as such, I've just heard one to many innuendos and double entendra as well as catching a few

strange stolen glances between the two of them to not have my suspicions.

Then there's Anna, their only child. A blond preppy cheerleader type that always seemed to have way too

much pep and giggled far more often than was healthy. She was in the grade beneath me. And while I've

known her since we were little and had seen her around school many a time, I never paid her much heed since

I was a year older that her and was too good to talk to a seventh grader. At the time she was clearly beneath


We left after my dad got off work, late 5, almost 6 o'clock. It was a three hour drive to the lake, but we had to

stop and help Mark's family load up first. Mark and Anna were outside when we arrived. I remember Anna

greeting me with a smile while brushing her shoulder length hair behind one ear. It was elegantly simple in

execution; a perfect flirtatious and girlish greeting. A wiser man would have seen the hint in this action.

These people were definitely not camping people. The whole time we were there I was thinking “Where's the

rest of their gear?!” To give you an idea of how bad it was I'll tell you this: they brought one ice chest with one

twelve pack of soda with them to drink. A week away from civilization and that is all they brought. While loading

the van with their “camping gear”, twice I thought I saw Anna watching me work. Each time however, she

seemed to quickly look away.

We stopped at McDonald’s half way to the lake for dinner. The place was packed. Never in my life before or

since have I seen so many people in a McDonald's. We all waited through an eternally long line. Anna gets her

food first and disappeared into the crowd. The adults' got their food next then made their way into the hoard.

My brother's followed suit shortly after.

“Sorry buddy, we ran out of buns. We've got more, but your food’s gonna be a few more minutes.” A man in

the ugly red and yellow hat says to me. I stared blankly then nodded. At least I didn't have to brave the mob

just yet. My food comes and the manager gives me a free small McFlurry since I had to wait. Grasping my food

close, I step into the press of bodies. I first see my brothers who have managed to seat themselves at a booth

with what appeared to be a pair of collage girls and were quickly making their acquaintance. Near them I

sighted my father, sitting with Mark and Julie, chatting away—probably about some inane work related thing.

I continued searching. There wasn't an empty table, chair, booth or stool to be seen. I stood, feeling slightly

dejected, my McFlurry dripping melting creamy goodness down my hand. Then I spot Anna, sitting alone at a

small booth in the very corner. Her blonde hair pulled into a high pony tail. Salvation!

I approached the table and sat without speaking. She seemed startled at first, pausing mid-fry as I seated. She

then saw the melting tasty treat I held. “Awe, I should have got one of those!” I looked at the sweet storm of

M&Ms and vanilla ice cream continuing to melt into my hand. I knew it would ruined by the time I finished my

meal. So I offered it to her. “Really?” She seemed to squeal when she spoke.

“Yeah, it was free anyway. You should take it.”

She snatched the cool dessert out of my hand and started to happily consume it, then paused “Wait, we

should share this.”

I shrugged “it’s okay, you have it. Besides we only have one spoon, and I'm not brave enough to fight through

that again.” I gestured to the swarm of people between us and the condiment stand. It seemed a tour bus had

arrived and deposited another few hundred people into the joint.

She giggled a little. “Here,” she licked the spoon she was using clean, “You can use this one.” In my

adolescent hormone stewing mind there was something rather erotic about watching the thirteen year old girl

lick a plastic utensil clean before offering it to me. I had to remember to keep chewing and breathing so I didn't

choke on my hot tasty burger. When I didn't move to take it, she scooped up a small bit of M&M-ice cream swirl

and aimed it towards my mouth.

I was flustered. I didn't know what to do or think. Role playing games had did nothing to prepare me for such

an interaction. I now know, years after the fact, she was attempting to flirt with me, but in that moment my mind

leaped to her thinking I was a retard or something. “I'm not two, I can do it myself!” The words snapped out

and were a bit loud and harsh even to my own ears. I even got a one of those sidelong “what's wrong with

you” glances from a middle aged Mexican woman sitting in the booth beside us.

She looked as though I just slapped her, then she flushed with anger. “I was just playing.” Anna turned away

to quietly eat the McFlurry. I finished my meal in silence—well as much silence as you can have in a

McDonald's filled with three thousand people stuffed into a space that might have held three hundred. I

watched her from the corner of my eye as best I could. I knew I was just seeing what I wanted to, but more

than once I thought I saw her start as if to speak only to stop herself thinking better of it.

Then our parents were beside us with my brothers in tow. “Hope you're keeping Anna here out of trouble.”

Mark grinned at me. “You two ready to get going?”

I nodded and collected my trash. I steeled myself against the onslaught of people. The smell of body odor and

desperation washed over me as I made my way to the receptacle. As I dropped my waste, a small hand

grabbed mine. I turn to face Anna “Thank you for the McFlurry.” She had a timid half-smile, like she was afraid

I might slap her again—though her words were quite sincere. She slipped gracefully away into the crowd

before I could respond. I faced a nightmare of spandex and sweat before I was through.

I made the McDonald's exit just in time to see Anna's face in the window of her father's van as it smoothly

glided out of the parking lot. In my mind I saw her smiling and licking the spoon clean and I could feel the soft

touch of her hand upon mine. Pain then radiated up my arm as my oldest brother struck me “Slug bug red!” he

called pointing to a red VW beetle parked down the lot a few spaces.

“Dude, what the fuck!” I angrily rubbed my arm. He had hit the bicep squarely against the bone causing my

fingers and then my hand to tingle numbly.

“Sorry” He shrugged mockingly. “Guess you need to pay more attention.” We then piled into the truck and got

back on the road.

The Sun had set by the time we reached our campsite by the lake. Mark's van barely made it down the sandy

track that lead to the small secluded cove my father favored. My dad's truck had a shell on the bed, so while

the others went about setting up their tents in the dark, I took the remainder of the camping gear from the bed

and claimed it as my sleeping spot for the night. Score one for lazy!

I had my queen-size air mattress inflated in half the time it took any of the others to erect their tents. I settled

into my sleeping bag with a small book and light, closed the tinted glass windows of the shell and relaxed. Not

twenty minutes later I hear Anna's voice, filled with frustration, call out “Dad! I can't get this stupid thing up. It's

too dark!” Her voice was angry, annoyed, and only slightly muffled. She must have been nearby. The

response came from much farther away. While I could hear someone speaking, I could not make the words.

It didn't matter anyways. I went back to my book.

Before I could truly get back into the groove of reading, the rear of the shell opened and Anna began climbing

inside. She must not have realized I was there for when she saw me she reeled back to her heels and paused.

“Your dad said I could sleep here tonight since I can't get my tent up.”

I glanced around at the unused space around me and shrugged. She looked around sheepishly, as though

she knew she was doing something she shouldn't, before climbing into the bed. She had on a gray long sleeve

shirt with a loose fitting round neck. Where I was laying combined with her angle and my small book light

afforded me an unobstructed view down her top. I could see her smooth white skin and a little black bra—

maybe an A-cup or a very small B.

After climbing in and closing the glass behind her, she went about extracting her sleeping bag from its stuff

sack. She was doing this still bent over, oblivious to the show she was giving me. This was the most I had

seen of any real live girl and I was entranced. I'm not sure how long I stared, but eventually my eyes shifted to

hers and I realized she was watching me with the hint of a knowing smile. She made no move to cover herself.

I wasn't going to avoid pitching a tent after all that night, and I turned to my side to hide my main pole. There

was a giggle behind me as she laid out her bag and squirmed inside. I was surprised to notice she had the

same bag as I, though her' was in red beside the black one I slept in. I reached out and turned off the light. I

focused on breathing slow and calmly, silently pleading with my pocket rocket to subside. Every time she

moved, it reminded me that she was there and the sight I was treated to and my soldier would stand at full

attention. Eventually I drifted off into a fevered horny sleep.

Morning came with a bang. Julie was pounding on the glass yelling for Anna to get up. Anna rose sleepily, her

face a mixture of sleep and confusion. She looked around then found me quietly watching her. I quickly looked

away in a poor attempt at pretending I wasn't staring. I knew I was caught. She didn't say anything though. Just

moved to climb out of the truck.

I lay in my bag a moment longer, thinking about what I should do with my day. I decided it would be a day of

fishing and reading. Normally I don't fish, but it's what I do while camping and it affords me plenty of time to

read. Multitasking right? First I had to set up my tent—no sense in putting that off anymore.

Wandering into the main camp I was greeted by one of my older brothers dumping some fried eggs into a

tortilla and handing it to me. “There was sausage, but you slept too late and I ate it all!” The other brother


“Thanks for saving me some.” Annoyance was clear, though I was surprised he had actually cooked anything

for me at all. I rolled up my burrito and moved to gather the things I needed to set up my tent. I saw Anna with a

sausage link skewered on a plastic fork chatting with her dad. This frustrated me a little, though I couldn't tell

you why.

I carried my things away from the rest of the camp, maybe about one hundred yards, then began to prepare my

site. Having been camping for so many years, my dad had taught me his perfect way of setting up a tent. At

first I thought it was silly and too much work, but after a weekend spent sleeping on a very awkwardly shaped

rock digging into my back, I learned the merits of his preparation scheme. As I worked I got the distinct

impression that I was being watched—that feeling of the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. I

never did see anyone.

Shortly after finishing, just enough time to get my stuff squared away and get changed into swimming trunks

and a tee shirt, I heard Mark and Anna approaching with conversation about setting up her tent. They stopped

about ten yards away behind a thick group of trees. He was telling her something about her being cold if she

sets her tent up this far from the fire. She just laughed at him. I wondered if they knew how close they were to

my tent. It seemed they hadn't noticed me.

I crept forward, silently into the trees and watched them. They did nothing in the way of site preparation, just

threw the tent down on the ground once it was standing and staked it in place. Even from my poor vantage

point I could see she was going to be sleeping on some pretty brutal rocks. Poor girl.

I finished my stalker session ahead of them and walked back to camp with my fishing gear and book. I

informed my father that I was going fishing up the canyon a ways and I assured him that I would at least check

in around noon. I set off to my spot, a deep fishing hole about a half mile up the canyon. Before I got too far

from the camp I heard Mark calling my name. I considered ignoring him, pretend I didn't hear him if it came up

later. Sighing, I turned towards his voice and called out to him. After a few back and forth calls I find him and

Anna walking up. Anna was in a plain white bikini that did well to accentuate her lithe, but unmistakably girlish,

figure with a see through white tee-shirt over top a few sizes too big. She carried a pink fishing pole and a

small pink tackle box. They both looked brand new, and I could even see a price tag hanging from the reel.

“Hey, do you think Anna can go fishing with you? We have to head back into town and get some supplies.”

Remember the ice chest and soda? Yeah my Dad just found out what they had brought and was having a

small fit about it. I think it's a control thing personally. “I think she'd just be bored if she came with us and your

brothers have already taken off on their bikes.” My brothers had a pair of dirt bikes they spent all their time on

while we were up here—at least till they ran out of gas.

“Um, sure.” I looked at Anna, who was just staring at the ground in front of her. He thanked me, told me to

make sure I look out for her, then started back towards the camp. “Do you have everything you need?” It was

a stupid question, as it was pretty clear she had never been fishing before and really had no idea what she

would need. But Anna nodded anyway and the two of us started back towards my fishing spot.

We walked in silence for a while, though hiked might be a better word for it. The trail here was rough rock and

sand weaving in and out of boulders and trees that marched along the water's edge of the canyon. We were

about half way there when she broke the silence. “How much farther is it?”

I stopped and turned to her. I could see she was pretty tired from the hike. She was wearing small yellow flip-

flops that couldn't have been very comfortable. I then notice she wasn't carrying any water. “It's still a little

ways up.” I pointed up the trail as if this would make our destination clearer. She looked a little disappointed.

“But we can stop here and take a break.”

“I'm okay, we can keep going.” She tried to sound enthusiastic, to me it seemed as though she just didn't want

to drag me down.

“I'm kinda of tired anyway.” I lied, speaking as I sat down on a rock. I un-slung the canteen I carried and took a

big gulp, watching her eying the liquid as I did. I offered it to her. She took the bottle and started gulping it

down. I was kicking myself, I should have thought about bringing extra water. I wondered how long she had

been thirsty. She had probably been staring at the water I carried and thinking about how much a pick I was for

not giving her any. After drinking near half of what I brought, she handed it back and thanked me.

“Ready to go?” She stood up and started walking again. She seemed both eager and dreading the walk at the

same time. I didn't know what to think. I quickly caught up to lead the way.

We eventually arrived at my fishing spot. Here the sandstone walls had created a large bowl shape with water

on one side dropping into a deep hole, and a sandy beach half-shaded by the rock over hang on the other.

“Wow!” Her eyes where wide with wonder as we slid down into the small basin of sand. I remembered when I

first found this place, I probably had much the same look on my face. “Okay, the hike was worth it!” She smiled

over at me. I sheepishly grinned back. I then moved over to a rock chair I had created on the beach that was a

perfect place to fish and sit and read from.

Putting the rest of my things down, I quickly rigged my pole and cast it into the water then sat down. I leaned

back in my rest and watched the light ripple as it reflected off the water onto one of the bowl walls. Nearby

Anna had sat down in the sand and was fumbling with her fishing pole. After watching her become increasingly

frustrated with the thing, I offered my help. She accepted in a way that made me feel like she was expecting

the offer the whole time. I handed her my pole and began rigging hers.

“So, are you gay or something?”

“What?! No! Why?!” The words came out in rapid fire succession as her question burned in my ears. I looked

at her incredulously.

“I've just never seen you with a girlfriend or anything.” One hand held my fishing pole while the other traced

small designs in the sand. The fact that she had paid that much attention to my social life should have told me


“So?! I just haven't met anyone I've liked that much!” I was near stuttering as I sat flustered.

“Seems gay.” Came her response.

“Well I'm not, so drop it.” I was getting a hold on the shock and pure anger was rising now.

“If you say so.” Infuriatingly sweet. “Maybe you should prove it.”

“What? How can I prove it?” She shrugged and began reeling my fishing pole like she knew what she was

doing. “No, really, how do you want me to prove it?”

She turned and peered at me. “I'm sure you'll think of something.” She smirked. My blood was boiling at this

point, I was about to blow a gasket and go ape shit on her—throw sand in her face, scream, yell, just have a

general temper tantrum. Then this voice in my head was whispering Kiss her. Kiss her! That'll shut her up!

Just before she turned away I leaned down to her and pressed my lips against hers. I was awash with fear and

anger even as fireworks of amazement went off in my head. I had never kissed a girl before, and I was waiting

for the scream—or slap. To my surprise she did neither scream nor slap me nor did she pull away. At this point

we were just there with our lips pressed together and our eyes closed. At least mine where closed. Knowing

nothing else to do, I slowly pulled away ending the embrace.

My heart was pounding and butterflies filled my stomach. Our eyes were locked together for a time after the

kiss. Neither of us spoke. In that moment my fishing pole, forgotten in her hand, nearly jumped from her as

something hit the line fiercely. She managed to keep hold and cried out “What do I do!?”

We both got to our feet and I said “Start reeling it in!” She was having trouble just holding on to the rod so I

moved up behind her and put my arms around to grab the rod. “Here pull it like this!” I helped her guide the

pole as she reeled. I issued commands on when to reel and pull and when to stop and let out the line. This fish

was putting up a huge fight. Anna would chirp with delight each time the fish would trash and pull at us. At one

point it almost pulled the two of us off our feet. As the lake monster neared the surface I could tell it was a big

one. We were both smiling and laughing and we pulled it to the edge to be scooped out of the water with the

net. It was a striper nearly as big as my entire leg.

“Oh my gosh! I've never caught a fish before!” She was beaming.

“I'd have thought you'd never been fishing before.” I ribbed. She playfully slapped my arm.

“Now what?” She asked.

“Fish more I guess.”

“No way, we gotta get back and show this off!”

I kind of thought that's what she'd want to do. “Okay. Well, let’s get our stuff together.” I looked in my pack for

something to put the fish in, knowing I didn't have anything big enough. Giving up on that I settled on gilling the

fish with a small bit of yellow nylon cord and slinging it over my shoulder. It seemed the way back took much

less time. Anna had much more pep in her walk, striding back towards camp with purpose. She never stopped

talking about reeling that fish in and what it was like and remembering the experience. All I could really think

about was having my arms around her—and our kiss.

Arriving back at the camp we were greeted with my dad and Mark sitting beach-side drinking some beers while

Julie was laying twenty or so feet away sunning herself. “Catch anything?!” Mark called when he saw us

approach. I swung the fish around off my shoulder, and I could see Anna just about to burst waiting for her

dad's response. Our lake monster got a double take from both guys and Anna exploded into the deion of

how we caught it. She babbled excitedly, her face animated with delight.

The rule at our campsite was if you caught and kept a fish, you had to eat it. I helped Anna clean the large

aquatic creature and then showed her a simple way of cooking the thing. Basically fileting it and rubbing in

some spices before wrapping it in tin foil to bake beside the fire. The shadows had stretched long by then and

a burning red Sun dropped below the horizon. All of us had gathered around the fire to take our meals. Anna

and I sat beside each other and shared our fish while the rest cooked hot dogs over the hot embers.

My dad was an audiophile. He loved music. There isn't a genre out there that he didn't enjoy. His truck had

two 16-inch woofer boxes tucked behind the seats that he pulled out to rest atop the cab and blast music from.

We all enjoyed the music as we sat around the raging campfire. At one point Julie got up and began dancing

and singing along with one of the songs: Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”. She eventually got Anna up dancing and

singing with her and the two of them were teasing and cajoling all of the guys to get up and play with them.

Anna grabbed my hand, attempting to pull me to my feet “Come on!” She smiled in between singing the

verses. She was now dressed in a pair of short white cutoff shorts and another loosely fitting long sleeve shirt

that hung open exposing much of her smooth shoulder. This one had black and white horizontal stripes. Her

hair fell loosely past her shoulders.

“I can't dance.” I laughed and shrugged her hand off.

“Oh, everyone can dance!” She said to me. “Like this!” She demonstrated a simple move, swinging her hips

from side to side with the music.

She reached for my hand again then put on an exaggerated pout when I denied her. “Really, I can't move like

that.” I said apologetically

“Just try! Please?” I was taken aback. This whole trip seemed almost surreal. I had known this girl for a long

time, but now I felt as if I was seeing her for the first time. Her smile, the sparkle of her gray eyes, the way her

hair fell to frame her face, all of if filled me with a fleeting feeling I couldn't place. The feelings tugged at me,

pulled at me, urging me to do thing I'd have never even contemplated before.

I didn't want to disappoint her.

So I got to my feet. This brought a round of laughter from my brothers. She held my hands in hers, a little lower

than shoulder height, leaving a space between us so we could see each other’s feet. I tried to mimic her

motion, but failed miserably. Feeling foolish, I stopped moving “I can't do this”.

“No, you were doing it, just keep trying!” She giggled and held my hands tighter, and I started moving with her

again. “See, you've got it” She smiled encouragingly. “You're doing good!”

“Yeah! For a drunken octopus!” A brother teased from the far side of the campfire. I flushed with

embarrassment. Somehow my mind linked that feeling with her, as though it was her fault.

“Shut up!” Anna snapped angrily as I pulled away and stopped moving.

“You've pissed her off now!” The older of the two mocked.

“Hey, you guys be nice.” I heard my dad saying over my shoulder as I stepped away to the darkness towards

my tent. No moon had risen as of yet, so it was dark—near pitch black. I felt confused and hurt. Something

about the whole situation made me feel vulnerable in a way I'd never felt before. It was stupid really. I wanted

to impress her in some way and I though my brothers' comments would somehow reveal the truth about me.

They might reveal that I'm just some geeky nerd with nothing to offer.

I caught a flash of light from the corner of my eye and turned to see someone striding towards my tent with a

flashlight—though they were approaching from a different angle. I stopped and waited. I could just make out

Anna's pretty face in the reflected light. She stopped a few paces from my tent, the ring of light on the

entrance. She called out my name softly, a look of anxious worry marring her beautiful features. I'm not sure

why I kept quiet. I saw her silhouette shift and sigh before turning and heading off towards her own tent.

The heat of the sun baking my tent brought me from sleep the following morning. I climbed from my tent and

made my way towards the sound of voices at the main camp.

“We lost you last night.” Mark said when I walked up.

“Yeah, I just felt real tired so I went to bed.” My brothers snickered a little. From the corner of my eye I could

see Anna watching me, pretty much staring. I look everywhere else to avoid eye contact.

“Got any plans for the day?” Mark asked.

I suddenly felt as if everyone was watching me, waiting for my response. “Um.” I paused, my brain slowly

working for a response. “I thought I might walk out to Beggar's Point and go swimming.”

“Beggar's Point?” This was a place we went cliff diving at. There was a number of different cliff faces of

varying height that all dropped down into an absurdly deep pool in the lake. It had been named such because

of an incident when I was eleven where I had been brought to tears by my father while I was begging not to be

thrown off the highest point—a nearly sixty-foot drop to the water. Somehow the name stuck and we've been

calling it that ever since. One of my brothers narrated the story of the places naming with far more assholeish

mockery than I could ever hope to match.

“Sounds fun!” Mark laughed at the story. “I wanna go.” He looked to Julie “You want to join us babe?”

“No, I think I'm fine right here.” She smiled from where she was already laying out working on her tan.

“What about you Hun?” He asked Anna.

“I think I'm gonna stay here with mom.” She said while throwing a towel down on the sand beside her mother.

The rest of us made our way out to Beggar's Point and spent the day jumping from the cliffs and swimming in

the cool deep waters beneath. There was a lot of laughing and splashing. Someone dropping in a cannonball,

and at other times dunking each other. I tried focusing on anything, but somehow my mind kept wandering

back to Anna, I knew I was stupid for leaving her last night and ignoring her today. I just couldn't bring myself to

face my mistake so I continued down that path. I wondered if she was thinking about me. I wondered what she

thought of that kiss we shared—if she even thought about it at all.

The day seemed to melt away far too quickly and soon the sun was in it's decent on the horizon. All of us,

pretty much exhausted, climbed from the lake and began making our trek back to camp. Anna and Julie were

cooking burgers over the coals when we made it back.

“There's food!” Julie called to us as we arrived. “Anna's got the stuff!” She pointed to the young girl who was

deftly cutting up some fresh produce—lettuce, onions, and tomatoes.

I grabbed a bun and a burger then walked over to where Anna was, smiling at her as I drew closer. I stopped in

front of her, waiting for her to look up at me before saying anything. She never did. Someone behind me

barked “Shit or get off the pot!” I looked over my shoulder to see Mark and my brothers waiting for me to move

aside. I grabbed some lettuce and a few slices of tomato and got out of the way.

I ate my food near the fire, watching Anna when no one was looking. I waited for the chance to catch her

attention so that I might have an opening to talk to her. She never glanced my way. My heart sank when she

got up and walked away from the fire without ever saying a world to me or even looking my way. Now what?

There was a ledge nearby, another “secret” spot I had found. To the rear of the camp was part of the canyon

wall as it peel away from the waterfront. Here the wall towered up about thirty or forty feet. I had found a spot

that was between ground level and the top—about twenty feet up. The path, a mere jagged crack in the rock

face, was hidden by a small cluster of bushes so it was hard to tell the ledge was even there.

I liked to come to this place and watch the stars. It was high enough that the light from the fire didn't blind your

star-sight, but it still shielded you from the constant winds that plagued the area once you crested the canyon

wall. I climbed up, threw a pillow down and lounged back under the clear starry sky. It was silly, but for as long

as I can remember I always wish upon any shooting stars I saw. I made a wish that night, and it came true—for

a time at any rate. I'm not going to repeat it here though, even now I feel like it might ruin the magic if I told you.

I heard a scraping noise, then the sound of falling pebbles. I sat up and looked to see Anna's face peering up

over the edge at me. “Hi.”

I had a deer in headlights moment and all I could respond with was a lame “Hi” in return. She scrambled up the

edge and took a few steps to sand beside where I sat. She wore a pink spaghetti strap top with those same

short cut off shorts.

Not knowing what else to do, I laid back down to look at the stars.

She stood there a moment, thinking, waiting. Then spoke “I forgot to bring a pillow.”

I glanced at her, trying to think of a solution. Then it hit me. “You could share mine.” I scooted over a bit to

make room. She didn't say anything, just sat down before laying her head down beside mine. We stared at the

stars together, wordlessly enjoying the moment.

This is when I saw the shooting star. This is when I made my wish.

“You don't see stars like that back home.” Her voice was soft, like she was afraid the sound might break the


“No, you don't” I managed. I shifted a little, moving a small rock from beneath me. During my motion my hand

brushed against hers. I stopped as if frozen in time. My heart paused, waiting. My breath was held. Then her

hand locked around mind and our fingers twined together.

She moved so her cheek was resting on my shoulder. She rolled towards me, reaching her opposite arm

across me. She let go of my hand and I felt a moment of sadness in this. That feeling was quickly replaced

with warmth as my arm wrapped around her and pulled her slender body closer to mine. My other hand found

hers and they wrapped together to rest on my chest.

An eternal smile fixed upon my face, I lay there enjoying the feeling of her in my arms. Everything seem to

quiet, to pause, as if the world was taking a step back to allow us to enjoy this moment. If only it would never

end. Music drifted from the campsite below.

All I ever wanted

All I ever needed

Is here in my arms

Words are very unnecessary

They can only do harm

Rarely, if ever, have I known contentment like that moment. It would be forever etched in my mind as a defining

moment of our history. I have no words that could describe how I felt, and words were unneeded. I just knew I

wanted to be with her, to protect her, to make her laugh and see her wonderful smile.

I first became aware of her sent, an imperceptibly sweet smell of flowers. For a moment I wondered what it

could be. Having no showers or even running water, it must have been some kind of body spray. This line of

thoughts was quickly driven out when I became aware of her small breasts pressed against the side of my

chest. The knowledge made my breath catch, and my blood started rising in my loins. I tried desperately to

think of other things. To think of video games or the book I was reading. Tried to think about the last movie I

saw, or the countless stars above. For each thought I had about the mundane world, I had ten more about the

gorgeous girl and her perfect breasts pressed up against me. It was a lost cause.

I don't know how long we laid there together, my painfully hard erection pressing against what I use to think

were fairly loosing fitting shorts. Now they seemed like an iron vice. Eventually Anna sighed and whispered

while coming to a sitting position “We should go back”. While moving upright her hand brushed across my

groin. There's no way she didn't feel it, and this was confirmed by her surprised “Oh!”

I tried to shift and bend at the waist a little to hide my large embarrassment while feeling extremely light

headed. All of my blood was either filling down below, or rushing to my face. I sat up with a hunch in my back

to try and hide it better. I was horrified, and I was fearing a reprisal of anger or disgust. If I wasn't so afraid to

meet her gaze, I would have seen curiosity there, and not the anger or disgust that I feared.

Another eternity passed before she leaned towards me. Calculatingly she placed one hand on the back of my

neck and the other terrifyingly high on my inner though. Anna then pulled me into a kiss. It was another simple

kiss, nothing more than our lips pressed together. Sparks flew in my mind at the exhilaration of her touch.

She pulled away and locked her eyes on mine. With an incredibly erotic and seductive smile she purred “Just

as good as the first.” She giggled a little, then bolted away down the path back to camp.

My mind was a void filled with a thousand unanswered questions. Did that just happen? I'm I that lucky? What

just happened? They flowed unabated, the next one forcing out the previous. The music stopped and the

campfire burned low signaling those below where heading off to bed. My blood calmed enough so that I could

stand without embarrassment or pain. I crept slowly down the path back. The younger of the two brothers slept

in a lawn chair by the fire, a blackened stick falling forgotten out of his hand. The moon was rising giving me

just enough light to make my way to my tent.

As I rested, trying to calm myself enough for sleep, I thought of the events since we left home and marveled at

how I ended up here. Then my thoughts drifted to Anna. They drifted to our kisses. I recalled her white bikini,

then remembered seeing her little black bra. Finally I relived feeling her small breasts pressed to me. I'm not

ashamed to admit I masturbated furiously to these thoughts, cuming more than once before my session was


I awoke early the next morning to see Anna watching me from the unzipped entrance to my tent. Once she saw

that I was awake, she grinned and climbed inside, zipping the door behind her. “What are you doing?” I

whispered. It was early enough that the sun had not risen yet, just the vaguest hint of it upon the horizon.

“Shh, it'll be our secret.” She whispered, crawling into the bed beside me. She wrapped her arms around me,

and I tried to do the same, though she was still outside my sleeping bag while I was within. “How did you get it

so soft?” She asked while shifting her back against the air mattress. “Even with my sleeping pad, the rocks

and ground are painfully hard.”

I just smiled. “It's a secret.”

“Well, I'm gonna remember this tomorrow night.” she responded. I was excited wondering what that might

mean. We both drifted off to sleep in the other’s arms and didn't wake until the sun was raising the inside of

the tent to oven-like temperature. I moved to kick the sleeping bag off and this action brought us both out of

our dreams. Anna sat up first, stretched her arms and yawned. “I slept good.” I lay still, smiling at the girl

beside me. Her movements were both feline and girlish. Something about them sent a shiver of delight down

my spine. Glancing my way, she saw me watching her. This time I held her gaze. “What are you looking at?”

She smiled. I couldn't help but grin foolishly back at her.

“Just a pretty girl.” Her cheeks took on a slight tint of rose, and the whole act of blushing made her even cuter

in my eyes. She then dropped back down to the pillow with a flop. Her face was less than inches from mine,

our eyes lost in the others. Her eyes closed and she moved just a mere fraction of an inch and her lips were

touching mine.

This kiss was different than the others. This time our lips nibbled gently at the other, tasting, and exploring. My

hand instinctively reached up to her neck, fingers twining into her smooth blonde hair and pulling her into a

deeper kiss. I felt her tongue softly brush my lips, a tentative test. I experimented with my own tongue, touching

her, tasting her.

Nothing else existed for us as we lay there each devouring the other. There was no tent, or sleeping bag. The

sun didn't shine above us and the wind didn't blow. The waves of a passing boat didn't break against the lake

shore, and our parents weren't calling for us. Our parents. I can't tell you how long we kissed for; passion

burning desire into our souls. Suddenly Anna sat bolt upright, tearing herself from my embrace. For a moment I

felt empty. Then I heard her father calling her lakeside.

I tossed another log on the fire and slouched down into a nearby lawn chair. The sun had long since set, and I

was exhausted. Mark and rented a speed boat from the marina and we all spent the day cruising around the

lake and towing people on the inner tube. Anna was in a chair across the fire from me. The day had been

rough. Every time I looked at her, the memory of the morning’s interaction would force its way into my mind,

and my blood would begin flowing towards a particular extremity. The others had slowly trickled away to their

beds till it was Anna, Mark and I left around the fire.

Anna stretched in an exaggerated yawn “Well, I’m heading to bed.” She shot me a sidelong glance. “Good

night daddy.” She gave her father a peck on the check then drifted out into the darkness. I sat for a while, idly

stirring the fire. The silence felt thick and awkward. The fear that he knew what Anna and I had been up to

clawed at me. It was a nagging feeling that wouldn’t be pushed away. There was something I had missed and I

couldn’t put my finger on it.

I was just about to retreat to my own tent when Mark started talking to me—questioning me about school and

what plans I had for the future. What did he expect from a fourteen year old? I stayed and made the small talk

with him, too polite to walk away. After what seemed like hours of conversation he finally made a complaint

about his eyes being sore. The fire was a few small coals. He made his way to his wife in their tent.

A bright moon had risen to bathe everything in a silvery glow. The walk back to my tent was quiet but for the

occasional splash in the lake waters beyond. Weaving between the juniper trees, Anna’s tent caught my eye. It

was silent and motionless. ‘She’s most likely asleep already’ I thought to myself. I silently cursed her father and

my own sense of manners for a moment before trudging the last few yards to my tent.

Wordlessly I unzipped the opening and slid off my shoes before climbing inside. I closed the flap, zipping out

the moonlight and leaving myself in total darkness. I paused a moment, considering waking Anna up so that we

might continue where we had left off that morning. Before I could make a decision a light turned on behind me,

and I turned to see Anna sitting up in my bed holding a small battery powered lamp out before her. “Took you

long enough.” She smiled. Her golden hair was a little messy from laying in my bed. She had on an over large

men’s gray flannel shirt only buttoned to her navel. Her small cleavage hinted to me of the treasures beneath.

I tried to give an apology, but all that came out was a gulping noise as I tried sucking down enough oxygen.

“It’s okay, it gave me time to do this.” She pulled back the top of the sleeping bag to reveal two things. The first

was her long slender legs. Silky smooth legs that ended with just the hint of a pink panty edging from beneath

the gray shirt. The other, albeit less important, revelation was that our two sleeping bags had been zipped

together to form a much large one. She giggled and patted the bed beside her.

As soon as I moved into the bed, we were kissing again. Her arms were wrapped around me, clinging to me,

as if she was unable to get her body close enough to mine. Our lips locked, and our tongues twined together. I

was having trouble figuring out where to put my hands. Nowhere seemed right and all of it wasn’t where I

wanted my hands to be. I decided to go for broke. One hand found a comfortable place at the back of her

neck, twisting into her luscious hair, the other found the last button of her shirt at her navel. I deliberately slid

my hand through the opening to her cheerleader firm stomach. The flesh beneath my hand was perfectly soft

yet toned. My hand felt rough and calloused compared to its suppleness. Millimeter by gradual millimeter I

stroked my hand upwards

Her hand was on my face holding me when my fingers first brushed against her breast. I nervously touched the

under edge, testing for her reaction. Her breath was caught and held tight. When my hand finally closed over

the small half apple sized mound her breath released in a sighing purr. I don’t know what it is about breasts

that creates that primal urge to touch them. It felt so perfect in my hand, just enough to fill my palm. The feel of

its shape and the small hard nipple permeated me with a lust I had never know. Her back arched as if trying to

push her breast deeper into my hand.

I was so lost in my exploration and her kisses I failed to notice her hand had wandered down my body to the

top of my shorts and was now fumbling with the tie. After an agonizingly frustrating moment of her muddling

with the knot it came free and her hand gently snaked inside. Her fingers grazed my glans and fire flashed in

my eyes. No one save myself had ever touched me intimately and I thought I was cuming. With the amount of

precum filling my shorts one would have though I already had. She didn’t seem to mind. Her fingers brushed

against me again sending a jolt of pleasure up my spine. Her probing became bold as she wrapped her small

girlish hand around my girth and slowly began stroking me.

At first I was ecstatic at having someone touch me, but her inexperience soon showed. Her grip was a little too

firm and her stroking was more like a tug o’ war. I winced and my hand shot down to cover hers. Our hands

groped together and with a few unvoiced gestures I slowed her caress and loosened her hold. Moving my

hand away from hers, I placed it on her inner thigh. I was only a few inches away from the edges of her

panties. I felt her hips shift a little, opening her legs just a slight more. I did not wasted the time stroking her as I

had when going for her breast. This time I decisively slid my hand up to investigate her nether regions. I

explored her from outside the moist cotton fabric only a scarce short moments before skimming up to the

elastic waistband and slipping down inside.

I found a small patch of soft downy hair. She was soaking wet and moaned deeply into my mouth when my

fingers first touched her slit. My mind took on an iron-like focus of her body. While her soft hands were doing

wonders to my erection, and her kisses remained like fireworks in my head, if I paid them too much heed I

would cum. I feared that might end our escapade much too soon.

I had no idea what to do or how to touch her. So I explored. I started at the apex of her slit, feeling her wetness

and velvety smoothness as the outer lips parted around my digits. I elicited a sharp gasp of pleasure from her

as my finger slid over the small bump that was her clit—though at this point I didn’t realized what I had done to

cause such a reaction. I glided further down to feel her inner lips and the opening to her carnal places. I

caressed around her a moment before pressing one finger inside. Her whole body tensed and my mind when

directly to pain so I quickly retracted my finger. Then her hand was on mine. Her fingers directed mine, guided

me to start a long gentle stroke from the top of her clitoral hood down to just probing her entrance. She

repeated this gesture a few times using my hand before returning to her own task.

Instead of going straight back to my penis, her hand went to the waistband of my shorts and began attempting

to pull them down. I was so focused in touching her and avoiding an early eruption it took me a few moments

to realize what she was doing. Once it dawned on me I quickly shucked my shorts and shirt aside. She

watched me unclothe then followed. I saw her undo the few buttons holding the flannel shirt closed then slid it

gracefully from her shoulders. She shifted under the sleeping bag to remove her last bit of clothing, and I

marveled again at the perfect shape of her breasts. Seeing them in the dim lamplight for the first time then

were small yet exquisitely formed half-apple sized mounds. She had small pink nipples like littler erasers, and

areolas not much bigger than a nickel.

A small bit of pink cloth hit me in the face, breaking me from my reverie. “You’re staring!” She had a

mischievous grin and she rolled towards me, pushing my shoulders to the bed and straddling me in one

movement. My dick was pinned between us, the lips of her labia spread around it and forced it up against my

lower abdomen. I could feel my own precum wetting my stomach and her juices flowing to coat me as she

slowly glided herself up and down my length. Her hands were holding my shoulders to the mattress; her

elbows were locked. I had an amazing view of her pale white body. She deliberately rode her slickness up my

member, and her extended arms pressed her breasts forward accentuating their shape. I didn’t really know

what else to do with my hands so I placed them on her hips. This seemed quite natural, and it allowed me to

help grind her pelvis harder onto me.

I can’t tell you how long we stayed in this position and it was only through some divine providence that I didn’t

burst my load all between the two of us. Unexpectedly one of her hands reach amid our bodies and grasp my

erection. My heart stop as fear and excitement swirled over me. She shifted its position and angle just the

slightest bit and my head was caught in the silky folds of her entrance. Her hips shifted back pressing herself

onto me—though nothing happened. She shifted the angle of my dick a bit more and drove herself back again.

This time there was a slight parting. I could feel and see her how body go ridged with pain.

As much as my pubescent hormone addled mind wanted this it ripped at my soul to see her in pain. “Maybe we


“Shh.” She leaned down and kissed me again, cutting off the weak protest. She pressed again, this time much

gentler. I felt the entrance to her pussy slowly part around my invading member. She would trust onto me just

enough to penetrate herself another micron before backing off. I really could not tell if there was any progress

at all. I felt a tight pressure at the tip of my penis, almost hard enough to make the shaft bend painfully and

then she would stop. I don’t know how long this went on—tension, then relax. Strain, then ease.

Then it happened.

I was just about to voice another week objection when I felt a pop. The head of my penis forced its way inside

her. Her vaginal opening tight around me like a ring a few sizes too small. She cried out and wrapped her arms

tight around my neck. She clung to me, her breath slow and ragged. She tried to adjust to this new feeling she

had forced inside her body.

Adding her tight grip around my neck to all of the events leading up to this moment I was feeling light headed. I

held her close in my arms. I wished desperately to somehow take the pain away. I was kicking myself that I had

let it go this far. At the same time I was fighting the powerful instinctual urge to grab her hips and start trusting


Her death grip around my neck loosened and she leaned back just enough so that I could see her face. Her

grey eyes were like ice chips under moonlight. My heart broke when I saw a tear pooling in the corner of her

eye. “We don’t have to do this.” I whispered nervously.

She leaned back further, pressing the rest of my length into her. “It’s already done.” She smiled weakly. This

time when she tensed I could see the pleasure rising up though her body. She moved her body, almost

extracting me completely from her, before slowly pushing herself back onto me. I could feel every inch of her

velvety pussy wrap around me; slide over me. She built a rhythm with her movements, and I started to thrust

back against her. We writhed together in ecstasy. Her moans of pleasure rising from somewhere deep inside. I

had reached my break point. I enfolded her in my arms and plunged as deep as I could. It seemed as if I was

pouring myself inside her as pulse after pulse of warm cum shot into her waiting vagina. The world fell away

around us once more. I was lost in and eternity of bliss as my orgasm peaked. Her whole body went ridged

and spasms rippled over my dick as she reached her climax with me.

Once spent, she clung to me almost desperately. She was a hurricane survivor and I was her life raft. Her

breath was short frayed pants. Her head rested upon my shoulder. My arms wrapped protectively around her.

My erection was still buried deep inside her. “Can we stay like this forever?” This was the last thing I heard

before drifting off to sleep.Fair is fair.” She held up her glass and we clinked them together.

I leaned forward and topped off my glass from the pitcher.

“Well, not much to tell,” I said. “Pretty boring stuff compared to you.”

“You’re not getting off that easy, kid,” she said. “Kelly is a hot-looking chick, you’re a good-looking guy, and you both seem to get along well, most of the time anyway. How is it in bed? Is the sex good?”

I hesitated and squirmed in my seat. “Ah, okay I guess.”

“Okay? Just okay? Well, that doesn’t sound good. A handsome couple like the two of you should be tearing it up! What’s wrong?”

So here it was. Here was my opportunity to finally get it off my chest, and I was going to tell it to my own sister. I couldn’t very well refuse after the way she had shared with me, and the new bond we were forming. Our eyes were glued.

“Most of it is good, but there’s something missing that would make it a lot better,” I said. “Better for me, anyway.”

“She won’t let you fuck her in the ass!” Karen guessed.

I shook my head. “No, that’s not it.”

“She won’t suck your cock?”

I let out a short snicker. I was enjoying hearing my older sister talk dirty.

“No, that’s not it either,” I said.

Karen got a perplexed look on her face and took a hefty swig of her drink.

“Well,” she said, “If it’s not anal sex, and it’s not oral sex, then what the hell could it be?”

Her eyes drilled into mine.

“I didn’t say it wasn’t oral sex,” I said softly, returning her stare.

She sat back and her shoulders sagged, thinking about it. “You mean…she doesn’t want?... She won’t let you…eat her pussy?”

I shook my head. “No, she won’t let me. She cringes every time I try. We end up fighting about it.”

She shook her head. “This is one I’ve never heard before. A chick that’ll take it up the ass but doesn’t want her pussy licked? Incredible! Did she tell you why?”

“It was something that happened when she was a young girl. She grew up on a farm and I think one of the farm hands did something like that to her, and she can’t get past it.”

“Damn, maybe she needs a shrink or something.”

I nodded. “I’ve mentioned that a few times. It just pisses her off.”

“Maybe you need to tie her down.”

“I tried that one too.”

“Maybe she needs a woman,” Karen said, as she rose from her seat. “I have to hit the john.”

I watched her tight, denim-wrapped ass as she strode to the bathroom. I sipped my drink, listening to a soft trumpet solo and thought about her: my mysterious older sister, who had disappeared from my life when I was a little boy, and reappeared fifteen years later. Over the last few weeks we had quickly progressed from near strangers to close friends, confidants. I’d already told her something I’d never told anyone. But I’d wanted to tell her.

She returned from the bathroom and sat back down beside me, a little closer than before. She took a sip of her drink and shook her head.

“Well, we are quite a pair, aren’t we?” she said, and turned to look at me. “I’m trying to get rid of a cold fish, and you can’t get at Kelly’s catfish!”

We both burst out laughing. The sofa shook from our hearty guffaws and the aura instantly eased around us.

“I appreciate you telling me what you told me, Josh. I’m glad you trust me that much.”

“I do trust you. It was easy to tell you. Especially after the way you opened up to me.”

I looked at her pretty face, and into her dewy eyes. It was like looking into my own. I wanted to kiss her, and not like a brother would. Instead, I raised my left hand to the side of her head and gently ran my fingers through her hair. She must have been reading my mind, because that’s when she leaned toward me and put her lips to mine.

It was not a long kiss, but there was a cushioned force behind it, there was intent, I could feel it. I felt her lips part slightly and the flick of her tongue before we parted.

We held our gaze. Her eyes glistened; my heart and breath were on pause. Then I leaned to kiss her. Her lips parted instantly. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and hers entered mine. Our arms surrounded our bodies, pulling us close. It was a power kiss, one like I hadn’t had for a while. I had the feeling Karen felt the same way. I felt her nails dig into the back of my neck.

It was a long kiss. When we finally separated I realized she was holding my hand. There was silence while we gazed at each other.

“Uh oh. What did we just do?” I said.

“We kissed,” was her obvious answer.

“I know, but you’re my sister. I’m your brother.”

“I’m a woman. You’re a man.”

“I know that... But isn’t that…?”

“We kissed. Did you like it? It seems like you did judging by the lumber in your pants.”

She had me there. I tried to relax a little bit. This was new territory for me.

“Of course I did. I wanted to kiss you. But…”

“But, what? Come on, Josh, we’re not kids. We’re not going to damage each other for life, are we?


“Kiss me.”

I kissed her. She kissed me. It was better and longer than the last one. Her tongue was like a python trying to wriggle down my throat.

Then she put her hands on my shoulders and locked her eyes onto mine.

“Josh, I think we can help each other out,” she said.

“How so?”

We were both a little tipsy by this time. I remembered when she’d gone to the bathroom a little while before, and I’d briefly thought about her in there, unsnapping her jeans, lowering them, sitting on the toilet and wondering what kind of panties she had on. I admitted to myself, I wanted her.

“We’re both frustrated,” she said. “Obviously we are attracted to each other. You want to eat pussy, and I’m aching for it. I’m going through a divorce. I haven’t been laid in two months. We can help each other.”

“Karen, if I go down on you, I won’t be able to stop. My problem is that going down on a woman turns me on so much, it makes me go crazy, makes everything else so much better! Area Code 813 want to do it all, I can’t stop.”

“I’m counting on that,” she said.

We kissed again, hot and deep and lingering.

She squeezed my hand and said, “Will you do me a favor?”

“Sure, what?” I replied.

“Shave me.”

“Shave you?”

“Yes. Shave me. Like I said, it’s been a while.”

“Where? Down there?” I said, nodding at her crotch.

“Yes, down there. Where do you think?”

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“You shave your face, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah, but that’s a…”

“It’s the same thing, Josh. Just a lot more fun.”

She smiled and winked at me. I smiled too and she led me to my bedroom. We spread a large towel on the bed and while Karen fetched a bowl of hot water, I found a new razor and some shaving cream. Then we stood at the foot of my bed. We broke into grins and kissed. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse.

“I’ll take off my top,” she said. “You can take off my bottom.”

It was then I noticed that she was not wearing a bra: she must have taken it off when she was in the bathroom. She removed her blouse and tossed it on a chair. Then she started unbuttoning my shirt.

“No man should ever shave with his shirt on,” she said.

We were both topless, facing each other, the lines of her beautiful body and her luscious tits only inches away. We stood still, a frozen moment staring into one another’s’ eyes.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked softly.

I swallowed and reached down to the front of her jeans. I unsnapped them. I heard her let out a little sigh as I gripped the pull tab of her zipper between my thumb and forefinger. I pulled it down. The front of her jeans opened and I saw she wore no panties. I wondered if they were also left in the bathroom. I hooked my thumbs into a couple belt loops and started pushing down her pants.

Karen wiggled her hips to help the process. When her jeans were down to her knees she sat on the edge of the bed and lifted her leg. I pulled one pant leg off, then the other. She scooted back on the bed so her ass was right in the center of the towel and lay back. She stacked three pillows behind her head. She said she wanted to watch.

She had pubic hair, but it wasn’t a wild bunch. It was neatly trimmed. But she wanted it shaved off and that’s what I was going to do. I moved into position and dipped a washcloth in the hot water. I looked at Karen and she had a cute smirk on her face. Then I pressed the warm, wet cloth onto my sister’s comely cooch.

I took a good look at her pussy while I shook the can of shaving cream and streamed some lather into my hand. It was beautiful, its large, lush lips beckoning. I touched her, and she moaned softly as I spread a thick, even layer of cream all over her pubes.

I wiped my hands on the towel and picked up the razor.

I looked at her and said, “I’ll try to hold this steady.”

“You’ll do fine,” she said. “I just hope I don’t come before you’re finished. Cause it will be a whopper.”

I went to work. I started at the top with short little strokes. Four strokes, rinse. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Karen oohed and aahed and whimpered as I shaved and I was very careful the closer I got to her wet, open snatch. I took my time because this surely was one thing I didn’t want to screw up.

When I was done shaving I took the wet cloth and cleaned her off and she squirmed with the soft pressure of my touch. Her clit was aroused and swollen. I placed the bowl and the tools on the floor.

“Excellent job,” she said, nodding her head.

I spread her legs and knelt between them. I slipped my hands under her and gripped her ass cheeks and squeezed. Then I slipped my tongue into her salt mine and massaged her love bud with my lips.

She squealed and dug her strong fingers into my head and held it while she grinded her crotch into my face. I ate her with a passion I hadn’t felt in a long time. I fucked her with my mouth and choked her cheeks in unison with every stroke of my lips and tongue. I tasted her zesty tang and smelled the sweet funk of cunt and shaving cream, as hands, tongues, lips and Karen’s groin motored in perfect sync. It had been so long, so frustrating, but finally here I was, going down on a beautiful, sexy woman, eating her delicious pussy, and it was the pussy of my own long lost sister!

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna come…” Karen screeched after a few short minutes, and with violent spasms, she hosed me with her pent up spunk.

Her body quivered as she sprayed and I sucked on her clit like I was hanging onto the edge of a cliff. She moaned and half-screamed throughout her eruption. When her spasms finally subsided she yanked my head up to hers and jammed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed with savage strength for thirty seconds or so until she pushed me away.

“Take off your pants,” she hissed, and groped for the front of my jeans. “Fuck me!”

I got them open and she helped me pull them down, almost ripping my boxers in the process. My pants were still wrapped around my ankles when she pulled me on top of her. She took my steel staff in her hand.

“It’s good to see little brother doesn’t have a little cock!” she said, and she slipped it into her passion pit.

She locked her legs around mine and started humping. She was fucking my cock with her pussy, not the other way around. Her sweet walls were trying to squeeze the semen out of me. I had to pound her pretty hard just to keep up. My hands were under her ass and I slipped a finger halfway into her asshole just to hold on. It was like a rodeo ride. I started slinging it into her good and hard and she thrashed with each shove.

Karen is not a quiet lover. She doesn’t say that much, just the occasional ‘Oh Shit!’ or ‘Oh Fuck!’, but she grunted and groaned and hissed and squawked with every power push. It made me want to fuck her even harder.

She kept squeezing every inch of my dick, milking me with every ounce of thrust, until I knew my rocket was about to blast off.

“I’m going to come…” I said.

“Yes! Give it to me!”

I didn’t think it would be possible but she picked up the pace even more and a few seconds later I felt the rush rising up through me.

“I’m coming…”

“Me too…”

Then I felt like a wildcatter striking oil for the first time. I felt the gusher almost in slow motion as it rose up through my shaft. I let out a loud groan with the first expulsion, which was large and long, and five or six more followed, each lesser than the last. Karen writhed beneath me as she discharged her own love potion for the second time.

When our big bang waned we shifted onto our sides and we held each other and kissed long, soft kisses. I kept my cock inside her until it eventually went flaccid and when I pulled out our combo cum oozed onto the towel, which was already soaked from her first orgasm.

As we lay in each other’s arms, the magnitude of what had just occurred hit me. I’m making out with my sister! I just fucked my sister! And it was the best fuck I ever had.

Karen must have noticed something in my face because she asked me if anything was wrong.

“No, I was just thinking,” I said. “How we came together on our very first time. That’s amazing!”

“I’m glad you said ‘first’ time,” Karen whispered.

“Well, it was,” I said.

“I know. But by saying ‘our first time’, you implied there would be more to come.”

A minute or two later I was still basking in our afterglow when Karen said: “I think you need a shave!”

I started to rub my chin and disagree before I got it. She hopped out of bed and carried the bowl to the bathroom for fresh water.

“You’d didn’t think I was going to let you have all the fun, did you?” she called from the bathroom. “Get in position and prepare to be groomed!”

She came back with the bowl and gear. I admired her sleek, naked body as she prepared. She took the head of my limp biscuit in her hand and moved it around, doing a survey of my property.

“Hmm,” she said, “this is a big job!” she said playfully. “I’ll have to mow right through this cabbage patch.”

She took the wet cloth and wiped me down and foamed me up. I loved the feel of her hands on me, brushing my thighs, my balls, my penis.

She began shaving me. The gentle friction of the blade on my sensitive skin was erotic, I never would have imagined it could be such a turn on, but it was. I’d flinch a little every now and then when the razor was close to my equipment.

“Hold still!” Karen scolded.

My dick began to harden when she was about halfway done.

“Oh, it looks like somebody is enjoying this!” she said happily.

A couple of minutes later Karen was putting the finishing touches on her work. She held my stiff Richard in her hand and moved it to and fro as she wiped down my clean-shaven skin.

“Not a bad job at all, I’d say,” she said, looking it over. “A masterpiece!” Then she kissed the tip of my cock, looked at me and added, “Now I’m going to work on this masterpiece,” and took me into her mouth.

She was a patient cocksucker. She kissed every square centimeter of it, ran her tongue over the length of it, licked my scrotum, sucked me, took it all in her mouth, in and out, over and over, and I swelled and swelled, moaned with pleasure, and I pushed into her as far as I could. She held on hard, her head-vise clamped on my taut and tender meat, and soon I felt it was on the way.

I quivered and quaked as it rose within me and Karen knew it was time. She sucked even harder and she gasped with a mouthful of hard cock when my Josh Jizz spewed into the back of her throat.

When my tremors were over she put her open lips to mine and my tongue roamed in her silken mouth and I could taste my cum in our kiss.
That’s how it started.

We slept like two rocks, our bodies molded together. When I awoke the next day I had my usual morning tent pole between my legs. I turned slightly to face Karen and was looking at her eyes when they opened. We both broke into smiles and started laughing softly.

“No regrets?” she said.

“No regrets,” I replied.

She kissed my lips and I slipped a hand between her legs.

“Good,” she said. “Because I’m going to sit on your face.”

I flipped my position quickly so that my mouth was in her crotch and my dick was in her face.

“Good idea!” Karen said.

Our mouths quickly went to work, and for the next few minutes, while accompanied by a continuous soundtrack of our combined sighs and moans and groans and licks and sucks and other such sounds of gratification, we sixty-nine’d our way along until both of us had a mouthful of our cock-a-doodle dew.

We showered together and I got to wash every inch of Karen’s body, inside and out, and she did the same to me. She told me to not let my dick get hard again because it’s more for her to wash and we didn’t want to waste any soap. But of course she gleefully stroked it and lathered that bad boy up and slid her hands up and down, over and over on its slick surface, and pretty soon it was a steely, heat-seeking missile and the heat was between Karen’s legs. She guided it into her hungry honey bun and hoisted her legs up around my waist. Her sugar walls choked my soapy slammer and I pressed her up against the shower wall and started pounding her. Hot spray surrounded us and a fresh cauldron of hot cum started to brew within our joined loins. I fucked her mouth with my tongue in syncopated rhythm with our hip percussion below.

“Let’s come together!” I said breathlessly.


“Tell me when you’re almost there…”

I slowed my pace a little, trying to hold back. She didn’t want that; she still wanted it deep and hard. She cunt-clutched my cock, over and over, with more and more force while I tried to delay my release.

“Going to come…” she murmured.

I again started nail gunning her to the wall.

She screamed when she started to climax and her vocal shits and fucks and damns echoed off of the tiles. My cum catapulted into her, stream after stream, and she clenched me tight and sucked on my tongue until our passions calmed.
That afternoon she moved in. She put all her stuff in the other bedroom but that was just for show. Not that she had all that much stuff. She traveled light.

“How do you think Kelly is going to take all this?” Karen asked me. I was standing beside her as she was unpacking.

“You’re my sister. It’s the brotherly thing to do,” I said with a silly grin.

She smiled, put down the sweater she was folding, and turned to face me.

“Well, unless she’s pretty stupid, she’s going to figure out pretty damn quick that there’s a little more going on around here,” she said. She put her hand behind my head and kissed me. “A lot more going on,” she added.

“Well, she’s not stupid. But Karen, I have to be honest with myself. My problem with Kelly may be a minor thing to her, but it’s not to me. And the problem is not going away, so we are probably doomed in the long run anyhow. Also, what you said to me last night is true. We are consenting adults, doing what feels right and we’re not hurting anyone. And if you want to know something else, I don’t feel guilty because it doesn’t even feel like cheating because you’re my sister. I feel like my whole life changed for the better last night.”

“No josh?”

“No josh.”

“Thank you for saying that. Mine did too. We are now lovers. We just happen to have the same parents.”

We kissed again, another long one, a kiss I was quickly getting used to.

“So what are you going to do?” she asked.

“I’m going to let her worry about it. And I’ll tell you something else I’m going to do.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m going to take my sister out to a nice dinner tonight, wine and dine her, bring her home and try to get her in the sack. What do you think?”

Karen smiled her crooked little grin and said: “I think there’s only about a one hundred percent chance of that happening.”
So, my sister and I were now roommates. I had a day job to go to, but Karen had taken a leave of absence from hers when she and her husband split. That job was in a city about 400 miles away. She said she didn’t plan on going back to it, but she didn’t resign because she didn’t want to appear unemployed. She’d been applying for positions closer to the local area. She wanted to keep some distance between her and The Norwegian Nightmare.

She had arranged an interview in a small city about two hours away. The night before she had the interview we were lying in bed talking and the subject of Kelly came up. Kelly had left me a couple of messages two of the last three days.

“Are you going to call her?” Karen asked me.

“I don’t know, maybe. I’ll talk to her eventually.”

“Josh, you have to resolve the situation sooner or later, don’t you?”

“I guess. But I have all I need right here!” I said, and I buried my face between her bare breasts, shook my head back and forth and made gurgling noises. She laughed giddily and squirmed and then I latched my mouth onto her right nipple and nibbled and sucked and hummed a buzzy tune into her tit as I tickled her tummy and thighs. She finally wiggled out of my grasp.

“Here’s an idea,” she said.

I asked her, what?

“Tell her your sister wants to get in her pants.”

“What?” I asked skeptically.

“Tell her that I think she’s hot and I want to fuck her. That will throw her off.”

“Do you want to fuck her?”

“I’d fuck her with you.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Josh, face it, you and Kelly are history. It’s just a matter of time. You said it yourself that you and her were doomed. You two would just keep having fights. She has a major hang-up. I’m not threatened by her, but she will be threatened by me. Then she’ll have another major hang-up. So either break up with her or let’s get her into bed.”

I started to understand her crazy logic.

“You want to find out if she’ll let you eat her pussy,” I said.

She smiled at me and snuggled closer.

“It would be fun to try. But what would be even more fun is if I were successful, then we would be successful. And I’d love to see you muff diving on that foxy chick. What a turn on that would be! And I don’t believe for a second that you’d turn down going to bed with two good looking women, one of them being me.”

She got that right. And I had to admit it would be pretty hot to see the two of them going at it.

“A trio before you go, kind of thing, huh?” I said with a smirk.

“Hey, it’s worth a shot. You blew her off, now she’s calling you. The timing could be right.”

“Of course, if she knew we were lying here naked in each other’s arms for the umpteenth time, she wouldn’t be calling me.”

“This is true,” she said. “That’s the tricky part. First, you tell her I have the hots for her. Then I come on to her. Then we have to make her believe that I’d be going to bed with you and her, and not that she is going to bed with you and me.”

“Sounds complicated.”

“It could be. You better whip up another batch of mai tais.”

We kissed and tongue-danced and I massaged her nipples until I felt them grow rigid between my fingers. Then I slipped two fingers into her moist vagina.

“I’ve got a fever,” I whispered.

“Go for it, Maestro,” she laughed. “Write another masterpiece. But go easy on me, no more than four or five orgasms. I have a job interview tomorrow.” I buried my face between her thighs.

“God!” she moaned. “I wish I’d come home five years ago!”

We fucked the shit out of each other that night.
“I’ll ask to shave her,” Karen said.

We were standing in the kitchen early the next morning before she hit the road for her interview. We were sipping coffee as Karen peeled a banana. She deep-throated it just to tease me.

“Huh?” I muttered, half asleep.

“When I’m seducing Kelly, I’ll ask her if I can shave her, tell her it turns me on. You got off on it; it might work on her.”

I remembered how erotic it was when Karen shaved me.

“That might do it. In fact, I’m getting a little itchy down there myself,” I said.

“Well, then we have something to look forward to tonight!”

She kissed me goodbye.

“Call her,” she said on her way out the door. “Tell her I want to fuck her ass with my tongue!”
I called Kelly that afternoon. I left a message and thought, oh here we go, we’re going to play the phone tag game. Then a couple hours later she called back.

“Hi, Kelly,” I said with minor enthusiasm.

“Hi, Josh, long time no talk,” she said.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve been pretty busy.”

“I know what you mean, same here. Were you ever going to call me?”

“I don’t know. I thought I’d leave it up to you this time.”


“Karen has been staying with me while she’s looking for a job. In fact she is at an interview this afternoon. She certainly couldn’t stay at my parents’ very long, that’s for sure, and she wants to keep a lot of distance between her and her ex. We’ve been doing a lot of catching up. She’s told me a lot of intriguing tales about her years in the ice circus. Not to mention one tidbit that might interest you.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”

Fortnite Cams think she wants to get in your pants.”

There was dead silence on the line.

“Are you there?” I asked.

“I’m here. She told you that?”

“Yes, pretty much. She’s said a few times how hot she thinks you are and kept asking me when was I going to call you and when were you coming over next.”

Again the line was quiet for a few moments.

“Wow,” she softly said. “What do you think?”

“It sounds pretty hot to me. I get a chubby just thinking about it. So what do you think? Do you want to come over?”

“Are you asking me to come over?”

“Yes. How about Friday night? Seven o’clock?”

I heard her sigh on the other end. “Okay.”

“All right, it’s set. We’ll have some drinks and relax. And whatever happens, happens. And what happens in my apartment stays in my apartment!”
Karen called me during her drive home. She said she thought the interview went very well and they would let her know in about a week if she got the job. I told her about our Friday night date and she was happy about that.

“Good work, Josh, I’m getting horny just thinking about it! How did she react when you told her I wanted to get in her knickers?”


“Great. When I get home we can make our plans.”

“Okay, drive safely. When you get home I have something I need to get straight between us!”

“Damn, boy, I’m doing seventy on the interstate, you tell me to drive safely and now you’re going to make me drive even faster!”
We didn’t really come up with much of a plan, only that Karen would be there alone when Kelly arrived, and maybe she could get the party rolling a little quicker that way. Kelly is always prompt so I knew she wouldn’t be late. Then I’d show up later because I’d gone out for more rum.

On Friday we got the bed ready with fresh linens, had a big thick towel at bedside and got together everything we needed for a shave. That’s when I discovered that all I had were used razors and would have to pick up some new ones when I went out.

That evening I was out killing time when, at 7:01, I got a text from Karen. Kelly was knocking on the door.

At 7:35 I called and I asked Karen if she needed anything at the store. She said no, she was good, and I asked if Kelly wanted anything.

“Ask her yourself, she’s right here.”

“Hi, Josh,” Kelly said.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m on the way home, do you want anything?”

“Oh, cut the crap, Josh. I’m sitting here making out with your sister. I know you’re fucking her. Just get your ass over here or we’re going to start without you.”

Then Karen was back on the line.



“You were right.”

“Right about what?”

“She’s a smart girl.”
When I walked through the door they were standing by the breakfast bar sipping wine. Karen was barefoot and wore short blue jean cutoffs and a cream button-down top. Kelly was dressed like she came over expecting to fuck somebody. Her clothing clung to her slim, shapely bod like a coat of paint: She wore only white fitted, thin cotton pants sporting a raging cameltoe, a red sleeveless top, no bra, and her wild and long blond hair.

“Well, look who’s here!” Kelly said. “It’s my old boyfriend, Josh. Welcome home.”

They both had big grins on their faces.

“You two sure didn’t waste any time,” I said. “What did I miss?”

“We’ve been sucking tongues and feeling each other up waiting for you to get here!”

“She knew, Josh,” Karen said. “After our first kiss she said, ‘You’re fucking him aren’t you? I wasn’t going to try to lie to her.”

“Tonight’s you’re lucky night, cowboy,” Kelly said.

“Our lucky night,” said Karen. She kissed Kelly, a deep one. Then she kissed me the same way.

I looked at Kelly and said, “You look magnificent. Good enough to eat.” Then it was our turn to kiss. In mid-kiss I glanced at Karen and she winked at me.

“Did you pick up a razor?” Karen asked. I took the package out of my pocket.

“Good. Let’s get started. I promised Kelly a shave.”

Karen spread the towel on the bed and ran the water. I put my arms around Kelly from behind and took her breasts in my hands, and her nipples were already firm. She spun around to face me.

“You are one sneaky, sexy bastard, you know that! And your new girlfriend is pretty sexy and sneaky too.” She shoved her tongue in my mouth, then I slipped my hands inside the back of her pants and started pushing them down. She helped by unzipping and pushing down in the front, and not breaking our kiss. Her pants reached the floor and as she was kicking them off she raised her arms. I pulled her top off up over her head.

“Now you…” she said, reaching for my fly.

“Not yet. Undress Karen first.”

She turned to Karen, who by now was all set up. They embraced and I felt my dick enlarge as two hot women shared a hot, hot kiss. Kelly unbuttoned Karen’s shirt from the bottom up. They kissed again while she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. The top snap of the cutoffs was open, so in a split second all that was left was Karen’s skimpy, meshy thong.

I watched as the curvy, naked body of Kelly knelt down and put her face to the thong and kissed the thin fabric and Karen’s silky thighs. The thong came off and Karen pulled Kelly’s head northward to hers and they kissed again, and I joined them and we all shared tongues as they teamed up getting my clothes off. When there were three naked bodies Karen told Kelly to lie on the bed. I lay down beside her to watch.

Kelly repeated the process that she had performed on me. She wet her down and lathered her up. She opened the package of razors and took one out. She looked up at Kelly.

“You ready, girl?” Karen asked, and Kelly nodded.

Karen went to work. With short strokes she pulled the blade across Kelly’s fertile growth, and row by row it disappeared. Kelly and I watched with anticipation.

“What a beautiful pussy!” Karen said, about halfway through.

When Karen was cleaning up I felt Kelly go tense. She grabbed my hand and squeezed. I put my mouth on one nipple and sucked and pinched the other, alternating back and forth. Soon she let out with a loud yelp and bucked like she’d been shocked by an electric eel. I looked southward and saw Karen’s head between Kelly’s creamy thighs, her pretty face mashed against that freshly cut never-never land.

I kissed Kelly hard and held her tight as she squirmed and adjusted to a new kind of sex. Karen was humming into her twat, thrusting her head into her crotch, her lips and tongue attached like glue as if trying to reach deep within her to pull out whatever might be stockpiled inside.

Then I noticed that Kelly’s midsection was no longer bucking, but working in sync, gently pushing, and matching the movements of Karen’s head. I felt Kelly’s hand go around my rock-solid dick and pull it toward her. I repositioned and it was in her mouth and with my hands at the back of her head I swung it into her, over and over, and she sucked me with a resolve I couldn’t recall. The room was a symphony of Karen’s humming, Kelly’s moans and my own grunts of elation.

“God, I’m ready to squirt,” I heard Karen say.

I looked at her and she scooted up and put her mouth on mine for a wet, sloppy French kiss and told me to take over. Kelly looked at me and nodded.

Karen quickly straddled Kelly’s head and stuck her pussy in her mouth.

I moved on down and dove right in. I licked her lips and then wrapped my lips around her ripe sweet pickle for the first time without her pitching a fit. Of course she was in no position to pitch a fit with a foxy 110 pound babe sitting on her face.

I nibbled, sucked, chewed, gnawed, tongued, munched and crunched that clit like it was the last one on Earth. There was a louder-by-the-second two-part harmony of rapture coming from the two girls and Kelly’s hand was on my head and she ground her groin into my face, as if it were possible for them to be any more affixed.

“Oh, shit, I’m going to come!” I heard Karen shout. “I’m going to come big!”

The bed was rocking and Kelly’s body was throbbing like a turbo-charged slinky beneath us.

“Oh, fuck, here it comes, Honey,” Karen blurted, and I heard groans as her vagina flooded Kelly’s mouth and face.

I climbed up onto her and slipped my raging rod into her soaked slit. Now Kelly had a cock in her cunt and a cunt in her face, and my cock was aching to blast a payload of my cum into her one more time. I ramrodded her over and over with the thrust of a Lear Jet, and she moved her body in concordance. As I pumped, I put my hands on Karen’s tits from behind and kissed her neck and she turned her head and slipped her tongue in my mouth for a sloppy kiss. Then she turned, got off and lay down beside Kelly. She kissed Kelly and lay beside her to watch the show.

They were both watching me as I kept banging Kelly’s drum, with her moans accompanying. They were staring at my face.

“Ooh, look at the determination on his face, Kelly. He’s ready to shoot you a load of sexy syrup.”

Kelly added a little more force to her pushes and pulls, and Karen rose to give me a mouthful of her tongue, and sure enough, I reached the point of no return. I felt the onrush rising up in me, and I yelled when the first huge shot burned out of me and string after string vaulted from inside me to inside her. Once I knew the well was dry I fell on top of her and she kissed me with a savage intensity with which she never had before. I pulled out of her and settled beside her as we kissed. Karen sucked her swollen breasts and stroked her clit with her fingers.

Then Kelly whimpered into my mouth, her body went into an involuntary seismic tremble, and a torrent surged from her clean-shaven cockpit and all over the towel.
We took a break, wallowing in our abundance. I was lying between them with an arm around each, splitting kisses and sharing tongues. My cock had slowly gone fairly limp, but kissing these two beauties made the old drum stick spring back to life like it was doing a sound check for a rock concert. They noticed.

“Uh oh,” Kelly said. “Josh’s joy stick is overloaded.”

“What should we do about that?” Karen asked. She kissed her.

“I have no idea,” Kelly said, and they kissed again.

“He’s your man, now. What do you think?”

“Follow me,” Karen said, and she lunged down and took my whole cock into her mouth and throat.

I had two glorious women sucking me, taking turns. I slipped my fingers into both of them, absorbed their sauce and licked my hands. Two women sucking it, licking it, kissing it. I felt a finger delve into my asshole. That was Karen; she knew how that magnified the sensation for us.

My cock was in Kelly’s mouth when I was getting close.

“He’s ready,” Karen said. She put her mouth next to Kelly’s at the head of my dick.

I couldn’t help it, I unloaded. My cum flowed out scattershot, and I made deposits on their two pretty faces. I watched them lick each other off.
I went to the bathroom. It was not easy pissing with a hard dick like that. I had to push that candle down and hope I hit the target. My piss flew out in three different directions. When I came back out Kelly was face down on the bed with Karen’s tongue in her ass.

“I’m getting her ready for you”, Karen said. What a nice, heart-shaped ass, huh, Josh?” I agreed with that.

Kelly wiggled her ass and said, “Yes!”

“Let me give you guys a lube job.”

Karen reached into the drawer of the nightstand and retrieved the gel. She pinched a liberal amount into the palm of her hand and scooped a healthy dollop into Kelly’s anus. Her finger loitered inside, taking time, sloshing around. Kelly groaned and lifted her butt and squeezed when she felt a second finger slip into her.

“Your turn,” Karen said. She pressed more gel into her hand and slathered it all over my cock. We French-kissed while she stroked me up and down repeatedly until it was again at maximum attention.

Karen scooted up to the head of the bed. She said she wanted to get a good seat. She sat with her back to the headboard with her legs spread on either side of Kelly’s face.

I put the head of my pecker to the crack of her ass and spread her cheeks. She opened and contracted her used sphincter as if she was waving at me. I figured she was waving goodbye so I would try my best to make it one to remember.

I pushed and the head of my cock disappeared into her. Kelly groaned and raised her ass and pushed back toward me and a little more slid into her. I started gently rocking, a little at a time, in and out, in and out. With each sway I dove a little deeper in, and her face moved that much closer to Karen’s open muffin.

Karen hands were caressing Kelly’s back and shoulders and neck and hair and she let out a high-pitched cry of pleasure when Kelly’s tongue plunged into her tunnel of love.

When my cock was mostly inserted, I gradually increased the intensity of my movements, more force with each stroke, and Kelly groaned louder and louder each time with a mouthful of pussy.

Pretty soon I was sledgehammering her hard enough to chop wood. A layer of sweat broke out on my forehead as I banged away. With each power slam the headboard kept rhythm, slapping the wall, and Kelly’s face would bash Karen’s eager gash.

‘Unh, Unh, Unh,’ Kelly grunted with each thrust. I was fucking her as hard as I could, hoping to extract one last sperm parade from way down deep. I fucked that fine ass like I was trying to slam my cock all the way up to her throat.

“Ugh, I’m going to come again,” I heard Karen say.

Those words were music to my ears. I kept bashing that ass as hard as I could and I soon felt my river rising.

Karen shrieked and her body shook.

I felt my first surge climbing up through my tube. I let out a raucous groan and they both knew what that meant.

Karen released her outflow into Kelly’s open mouth a split second before my first shot of cum spewed into her ass. I pulled out and ejaculated the remainder of my seed, three, four shots on her ass and back and collapsed on the bed beside them just as Karen’s quivers were coming to an end. Karen pulled my face to hers and we shared another long kiss.

Kelly started to get out of bed and we could see from the puddled sheet that she had had an orgasm too.

“Damn, that was hot!” Karen said.

“Holy shit, Josh!” Kelly rasped. “What came over you? What were you doing, drilling for oil? My asshole feels like I shit nails. I won’t be able to sit down for a week!” Then she went into the bathroom.

“Damn, Josh,” Karen said to me. “We come together even when we’re fucking somebody else!”
When Kelly emerged from the bathroom she started getting dressed. And she said a long goodbye.

“Thanks, it’s been a blast, but I have to get going now. And Josh, I’d already decided when we talked the other night that I was going to let you have your way with me. That’s why I wore this slut suit. And it’s kind of a shame that when I’m finally ready, we’re through.

“But I’m flattered that you both went to such trouble to get me into bed, because it was incredible. But you two are in love, that’s so fucking obvious. I can see it in the way you look at each other, the way you kiss, the way you touch. You know, when I figured out what was going on with you two, it was such a turn-on, just thinking about it. And tonight it was so hot seeing you two, brother and sister in bed together. It helps me realize that it’s high time for me to resolve some demons from my past that have affected me to this day. And looking at you two—and being with you and going to bed with you—has helped give me the courage to finally do something about it.

“So, goodbye. And thanks for a wild night. Take care of each other.”

She winked at Karen, blew her a kiss and said she’d let herself out. We were silent until we heard the front door close behind her.

“Wow, some night, huh?” Karen said rhetorically.

“It couldn’t have worked out much better.”

We were wrapped up as usual: her head on my shoulder, my arm around her and my hand caressing her breast.

“What did you all talk about before I got home tonight?” I asked.

“Oh, Josh, it was so weird! It was like an episode of The Twilight Zone when aliens come to Earth and can read your mind. It’s like she knew what was going to happen!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, first, the way she was dressed. Those big tits, no bra, her nipples jutting, no underwear and her labia half hanging out. She knew what she came over here for.

“So we go into the kitchen and I was pouring some wine and she says, ‘Do you like my outfit? I wore it for you.’ And then she kissed me!

“Then we’re sitting on the sofa and she asked me if she could kiss me again. So we kiss again, and it starts kind of tentatively, but it turns into a pretty hot one, long and soft. And when we break the kiss she says, ‘You’re fucking him aren’t you?’ I was caught so off-guard I just said, ‘Yes’.

“Then she says something like, ‘I’m sure Josh has told you about what I would and wouldn’t do in bed, but I’m ready to do it all. She asked what we were planning and I told her I’d love to shave her because I find it so erotic and it would turn you on and then were making out and then, a few minutes later you called.

“Wow.” That’s all I could think to say.

“Like you said before, she ain’t dumb.”

After a few seconds of silence, Karen said, “I have to admit that it was pretty steamy watching you fuck a beautiful blond. But it was eerie, too. I hope you don’t make a habit of it.”

“You’d have to dye your hair for that to happen,” I said. She smiled and kissed me on the chin.

“Do you think she’s right? Are we really in love?”

“She ain’t dumb.”

“Who’s going to be first to say it?”

There was a pregnant pause as the question hung there.

Then we both said, “I love you,” in perfect unison.
“You know something,” I said. “Tonight was fun, but our focus was mostly on Kelly. I’m glad she left. I like it like this. Just us.”

Karen turned to face me and we kissed and our hands fondled our flesh. Soon I felt her hand between my legs and she gently massaged my balls. Soon my penis was stirring and her long fingers brushed it gently up and down.

“Well, sailor, do you think you could go one more round?”

“I think I have a little left in the tank,” I said.

She slid down and sucked me until my cock was back to full size. She rose back into my arms and we shared long gentle kisses for several rapturous minutes. Then she rolled on top of me, lowered herself onto my upright organ and we made love for the first time.
Karen was offered the job she’d interviewed for. We had discussed it before that if it was offered she would accept it and we would move there together. Then we would live in “our” place.

I asked when she would start work.

“First of next month,” she said.

Ample time to give notice to my boss at work, and since my lease was month-to-month, it was time enough for my landlord.

“Perfect timing!”

“That’s what I thought,” she said.
The next few weeks flew by. We busied ourselves packing and preparing to move. We rented a small, two bedroom house convenient to Karen’s work. I applied for jobs.

On the day we moved, I pulled our rented van into a convenience store to buy some drinks for our two hour drive to our new home. In the store I bumped into Kelly’s roommate.

“Hi, Josh, how are you doing?”

“I’m doing well, Mary. How are you?”

“Oh, fine. I’ve been keeping busy.”

I introduced her to Karen and then I asked her how Kelly was doing.

“Uh, I don’t know. I haven’t seen her for a while.”

“You haven’t seen her, really? Why not?”

“She moved out.”

“Moved out? She never mentioned she was thinking about moving. Where to?”

“She moved in with her brother.”

“Her brother?” I asked dubiously. “I thought she didn’t get along with her brother.” Karen had a stern, wide-eyed look on her face.

“You’re right, she didn’t. Something about what happened when she was a little girl.”

“Man, that’s a surprise.”

“I know, it surprised me for sure. It was kind of sudden. I guess they’re working it out, whatever it was.”

We said our cordial goodbyes and Karen and I walked back to the van.

“I guess now we know who traumatized her into not wanting her pussy licked,” Karen said sadly.

We climbed up into the cab and I turned the ignition. I put the van into gear, pulled out onto the highway, and began driving us to our new life.