How to Show Custom Tshirts Into cash Flow

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I was able to start my business with $1,000.00. The most expensive item I purchased was the heat press. It was $700.00. After have searched around to find a good heat press that will fit your budget, you will need to find a company where you can purchase your t-shirts at a wholesale price. I was very fortunate to find a t-shirt company in a near by city that sold their shirts wholesale. This worked out perfect for me, because I was able to place my order over the phone and pick up my t-shirts the next day. This really cut down on the two to three days waiting period and not to mention the shipping charges.

There is money to be made with personalization. You take the same product - offer to customize or personalize it and you have your business. Companies do this all the time by purchasing products and simply stamping on a logo. A t-shirt business is very similar, buy a known product, slap on a unique design and there you go. But what I am talking about is more unique to the buyer. I am talking about putting their name, image, design, drawing or logo onto the product.

The web has the ability to level the marketing playing field in many aspects. A new startup t-shirt line has the same ability to show up in an online search right next to the biggest name brands.

That's all well and good, you might think, but I'm not a designer. Well, it doesn't matter because there are no end to the number of designers out there who are desperate to have their work seen but just can't get it out in the real world. Just match yourself up with a suitable one and you will have designs galore.

It may not be the fun part of opening up a business, but you do need a plan. I remember seeing a figure on how many business failed in the first year, it is most of them, but those without a solid plan were destined to fail, particularly because there was no set direction to move forward in. You plan should reflect the area you are in. If you live on the beach, and there is tourism, you should approach the local shops and plan to sell shirts with a beach theme to the tourists. You need to think things out and determine what your local market is. It very well may be your local University, local schools or even local clubs. The smaller markets can be camps, teams, leagues (especially in some areas bowling leagues), dart leagues and many other of these niche markets.

Once you have got your foot in the door so to speak though, you can expand and purchase your own screen printing equipment and begin to really produce sellable t-shirts for all occasions. There are screen printing presses that will print on just about anything. Many are of a generic nature and can be made to print on a coffee mug as well which opens up more opportunities for business.

For instance, you always see a few tie-dyed shirts selling at various places, but these days, there's not a huge demand for them. So making more of these, wouldn't exactly put a lot of money in your pocket. You need to do some research and find a subject niche that is already very popular. Selling unique shirts to this hungry crowd is a sure way to success.