How laminated glass is created

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Laminated glass is broadly utilized in glass facade,balustrade,glass fencing,cover,glass skylight ,etc.As protection glass,laminated glass is made with 2 lites solitary piece glass and interlayer(PVB or SGP interlayer).
The interlayer can bond two piece glass with each other and retains glass integrity after broken,it offers substantial security and stay away from hurts.
Laminated glass is generally produced with glass laminating line,then how the glass and PVB interlayer bonded together?
Laminating line consist of glass loading desk,glass transmission conveyor,washing and drying machine,glass positioning equipment,waliking suction hanger,PVB storage shelf,pre-pressing machine,unloading table,infrared heating autoclave.
Simply click this url to see how laminating line functions: Laminating line
Glass is loaded on to the transmission conveyor through automated loading desk ,soon after washing and cleaning approach,the glass and interlayer was placed orderly,and with pre-urgent process,the PVB and glass is bonded short-term,then glass is taken out to the autoclave keeping for all around 8 hours to make the PVB and interlayer bonded completely.
Below is tempered glass table detailed movie displaying how laminated glass is manufactured,the movie is from China famous laminating line producer- Lewei.Many thanks for their detailed introduction and innovation that makes laminating glass a easy perform.
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