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George Shrub's Deceptiveness

The other day, I saw in shock George W. Shrub's complicated speech to your home of Representatives. 소액결제현금 It was rather telling that this speech wasn't in primetime yet rather at 9 a.m. (6 a.m. in the West). I understand a whole lot regarding national politics considering that I write political thrillers (www.thetwentyfirstcentury.com) and I am regularly doing research for my books as well as posts. But it doesn't take an author of politics, and even one who doesn't follow national politics, to recognize that what George Shrub claimed yesterday made absolutely no feeling. With all the (major) issues he and also the Republican celebration remain in, it is no surprise he has all of a sudden chosen to talk (or trick) the American people about America's economics: November is coming.

In essence, Shrub claimed that the state of our economic climate remains in good condition and is getting stronger everyday. Am I insane, or has George Bush tripled the deficit considering that he took office (as well as increased his income promptly after being sworn in)?

We currently, for the first time in background, owe even more to foreign countries than they owe us (compromising our setting as the globe's incredibly power as well as endangering our defenses).

The Iraqi War is going to cost near a trillion bucks by the time it finishes as well as we rebuild what we ruined over there, ruining our economic situation over right here.

There is still the restoring of New Orleans and other cities, and also what disasters are can be found in the possible future.

How about the billions of dollars a day in rate of interest our country is accumulating?

Bush wants to spend a lot of money safeguarding our boundaries, not from terrorists, however from inadequate Mexican families who have no tasks and need to feed their family members. The terrorists are can be found in from Canada as well as various other cities, not from Mexico.

Interest rates rise monthly, requiring Americans to pay even more on their charge card as well as their home mortgages and their university fundings, etc. As a result of that, housing prices have begun to reduce since people can not pay for a home As Well As a substantial rates of interest, besides rising real estate tax every year, to spend for it. Isn't this elevating tax obligations by a different name.

George Shrub still thinks, and plans to proceed the absurd tax rebate (millions to the abundant, a ration to the inadequate).

The cost of purchasing gas is enhancing the price of whatever we acquire, although the oil firms are taking pleasure in tremendous profits (Exxon/Mobil earned $340 BILLION in 2014). This residual result has actually increased the costs on food, drug, clothing, whatever. As well as it is not going to finish, as I see my gas station raise their costs almost day-to-day. Just how much poorer can we get?

The American individuals have much less and also less and also George Shrub says the state of our economy is good and also is growing. It sure seems to me and also a lot of Americans that it's our individual financial obligation that is expanding. The amount of people are better off today than they were 5 years back? Not me, or any person I know.

It's all smoke and also mirrors.