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. It's one of the 3. He fired it. What so , you wonder just how cautious they shall be with Danes now the rest of this video game, and it had been that left at home native beats the Florida questionable with an illness, grad pupil said he came down with [ Applause, ] MBA which can be top 10 in offensive, and Defensive performance turnovers ended up being an issue meant for Russell against Philadelphia and he had eight of them sitting overhead [, Music, ] Tatom will pull from down-town opportunity for the Celtics. Good finds Rozier on the episode, [ Applause ] they're, calling for you by the way. I actually do feel just a little guilty about what just happened with the Allen block I mean Russell hits the jumper quiz in the nets against the big screaming. We convert Michael Grady talking about it really before Harry as Dudley, but a lot of cause, big men score is as a perimeter gamer is beat off of a ball screen and that make a leads to still contesting those mid-range looks, do woody toss be circling five to Shoot attractively does everyone like the popcorn new day twenty-one fire is definitely strong on the three. The birth would have gone to the rebound rather trapped far from it. One the other side of the coin end, OSHA way, is actually two 3 to prevent into the lane: kicks it out, Dinwiddie with two to shoot, gets it to choose out. Could be Russell just simply took a dive, [ Music ]. We wanted to emphasize getting for a quick lift ahead of playing in a faster pace per se, gets transition prospect here at work, the shot clock very well on both sides - that's very floppy with the hockey year, Laverne fisted horribly and that's radical of varieties six renouvellement. So far through this first 1 / 2, but which is something Kenny Atkins to talk about like the Celtics that strikes the jumper in Boston ma de Stefano in the one fourth. A shades ad returning to the 1st good hands by mate here comes the verb transition swelling better spaced. He has because of his activity on the defensive aspect. Wanamaker hits the jumper Carol ballet dancers, pushes it up, indeed acquiring a rental event and woofers because Boston ma as much you guys, who believe they must be starters in addition to Greenwich peace opportunities, 3/5 rustled. Indeed, high recovery grabbed by simply Morris Wanamaker weaving to reach this point your dog is plated 31 babies he has looking to attack. I just -- can school ram steps into a 3 [ Music ] occur to be incorrect for the air. What are the different ties? Finance institutions it in Delphine's twenty four of their thirty five points is usually not through the van via Jaylin Celtics lead is certainly 8-pin. Twitty trying to get about tonight performs idiot wonderfully. Another often forgotten part of the video game of Joe Harris. This method we know about [ Applause, ] started using it really got it right. Paris, france, Morgan to Allen stored his multiple to avoid the travel of Bert's quoter he's very good seven, I'm just out of it Rozier, that's in transition, Morrissey's, Oh any amount of money! As a good luck and strikes drum really so there was clearly a balance in those matchups was ground round. The island screen wise is harm. Marcus smart is Merc grasping for his proper leg since the three through the entire course of the season first playoff berth in franchise history. The accolades well deserved intended for Trajan Langdon, where Weaver [ Applause ] acquired a very nice job around the glass with this game, in addition seven now, major essential flip for the net. A were two of ten taking, just twenty percent from the three-point line following your first 1 / 4, beiieves plops into three to get one possession a word switched on a letís bounce, he's good [ Applause ], then amusing pulls up and hits the jumper honey. Rhonda balls right in front [ Applause, ] fire three home to Barclays center; the Nets starting to feel some of that rhythm with their taking, especially three-point shooting cleansers, good they're really tough to score again, so that you make a fast decision. You understand Drive it past the taking pictures! That'S the main for you in the defensive area of the vessel, [ Applause ], and that goes back to the big story above Graham geese: [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], unbelievable simply by D'Angelo Russell. That reveals the strength of Jared Allen. His ability to run like a deer is getting a problem. Rozier lies at each funds look gets it back seven to shoot Russell step-back, jumper good. Compared to the previous three video games. Where Joe has said explained, look the toughest thing for me is learning how to be good pertaining to 82 Rossville hates the Joker comic. They took out Harris as he snapped up it Russell already, with ten factors in the quarter, leaving Russell now with fourth there’s 16 for the sport. [. Music, ] [ Applause, ] Russell. This always being good [ Applause, ], [, Music, ] trap. Siri said a few believe much less. So essential all New Yorkers know you take the subway if you want to get someplace quickly. [ Music, ] good turned over in this article comes Harris. Boston back Russell: oh yeah dude, your dog is 350 [ Applause, ], the histrionics of mannitol [ Applause ] in the third for D'Angelo Russell throughout the lane, [ Music ], together with the kid that beautiful end by Russell Morris gets it to drop plus. The simple fact Lennox is definitely achill crews with their flexibility, and the netting have done an enormous job in matching that and exceeding up tonight. You'Ve had a large amount of success using their plane with pace. Receiving some of that early criminal offense looks the vert short shots goes back to be such a great sign when the vert has his shot. [ Applause ] using his speed block out from in back of and this Springs, Hayward keep them off of getting to the rim in the reverse. But a major factor about outstanding protection as well find some of the areas where they can decide on it away from each other. Levert once again attacking just can't finish, davis can things for the nets and everyday own dominated Boston ma. Only two for the suspects. Hayward can't be Guinea. Sure, [ Applause, ] Temari Mary wanted 6-4-3. They were easy bucket, we are going to get him on verticality down the opposite end. Tatum navigating around Carol leaves it meant for tiny closes. His 1 game, that way score, the Pacers, a one-point business lead on the message' corner in Detroit and the Blazers and eight-point lead on the Aide [ Music ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause ] in the fog of all time. I think therefore , maybe certainly not this season Harry's there. believe he is. He just had an unexpected guests Russell shovels with our fortune. Steam level lead, Heyward whips it in the part. Three is wonderful for Gordon whats up. I do, nonetheless it's simply it's hence nerve-wracking. You only to obtain so tense Russell within the Steel Town, eight turnovers in the second half from Boston, Maurice they would consume the three levert nearly used it aside. Gets it in return steps in a issue in your fourth quarter. Last time these teams achieved here. The Celtics sealed on a enormous Brooklyn business lead plex, exactly where hell breaks in hey term on the disk drive. Real 18 hours needed to be careful. This group is certainly barista chap Russell.