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The phenomenon of cat Garfield has reached dozens of countries, cartoons with his participation, after all, is a permanent element of several thousand newspapers. With the rise of its popularity, it is increasing the amount of media to spread his name.

It began modestly - were first given a brief pictorial scenes in the scriptures. Later, it was getting better - more famous magazines reached for the cat, who sometimes lived to see their own place in the local cable TV network schedule. Serial spread very quickly on another network, finally catching up Polish. After all these successes one thing was certain - it's time to shoot the feature film ... And yes, the film was made. According to the promises of developers, it was to be fully in the picture holding the original climate.

Garfield had to be as snappy, Odie as goofy and John ... as Johnowaty. Unfortunately, production is not lived up to my hopes. Well, maybe with one exception - Odie was as goofy. In "Garfield" very disappointed me the lack of what constituted quality TV series - his unique humor. Worse, it was not a "no." This film has been completely stripped of that "something." Polish version is not saved even voice Marek Kondrat, who gave his voice to the cat. The texts were flat. There were no typical Garfield tetryka manners. There were constant complaints, continuous dreams about food.

Sigh ... In this film, there was nothing.

No scene is not forced me to face contraction. Did not work for me even dance Garfield - after all, he always avoided the traffic. In contrast to the business logic of this production, technical side looks remarkably well. Quite well.

From the outset they attract the gaze graphic effects, used to revive Garfield. epicmovienews Well you can see the individual strands of hair, muscle movements, or even jumping mustache. I liked the colors used in the animated model - very fit to the original. Sam the cat was fitted in a lively environment perfectly straight.

The only thing that distinguished him from the "real" cat, a giant eye. Also noteworthy are the effects associated with facial expressions occurring in the entire film zoo.

I have no idea how they did the creators, but watching the movie, I had the impression that all those little ones really saying. Unfortunately they did not fit me very voices used in the Polish version. It seemed to me that the actors do not put in the job too much heart. I liked the selection of music tracks. He matches the lightness of the film.

The pieces were so lively that tore up the legs to dance. With music is indeed linked to the best, in my opinion, this scene of the film - "I feel good" by Marek Kondrat was really great. The sounds were also recorded well. There were no unpleasant surprises in the form of squeaks or glitches. Voices in the Polish version has been well timed with the movements of the actors lips. Unfortunately, it came time to enumerate cardinal disadvantages of this film. It is not even a urinary garfieldowej Convention. It is the ordinary, trivial, blowing from the screen boredom. The filmmakers had slipped on an element by which the most feared - on the story. The idea of ​​saving Odie'ego by Garfield at the hands of cruel producer of television programs made this picture a fairy tale for children. The problem is that even kids get bored, because such threads have already been entirely used in Walt Disney productions. In this way there was also nothing for older viewers, though the waiting little fancy, witty humor. Well, "Garfield" I can not recommend to anyone. I disappointed in this film from beginning to end. They do not save it or brilliant special effects or well-chosen music, or even decent polonization. If the movie is not funny and there is nothing to pass, and just bored, such claptrap will not save him in the eyes of viewers.

At least in my eyes it did not save ..